Sunday, June 14, 2015


The Trail
The bicycle is a great way to explore this world. As I ride around I am continuously taking in the sites and sounds of the world around me. My friend and I have certainly taken note of the various wild flowers, and have gone as far as digging up some of the wildflowers to transplant into my friend's backyard.

It is awesome to see the Ohio 'country side' such as the wetland areas, the farms, the woods, the flat land, the hills, the small towns, the big cities, etc. You also get to see nature take it's course: turtles sunbathing, beavers snacking, snakes creeping, toads hopping... And on some unfortunate moments, birds snacking... ON DUCKS!!! Made me weepy today.

I have the energy of a person who spent the entire day in the 90 degree heat riding my bike and gardening, so you will get a snapshot of some photos from our bike rides yesterday and today.


The Beaver