Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whoa I'm a Slacker

I can't believe I actually missed my target post date for the week. If you haven't noticed I typically try to post once a week between Saturday and Monday. I'm two days late. Sorry folks, or I should really apologize to myself for not keeping this commitment.

OK so moving on I am going to ENTERTAIN you all with my masterful poetry skills...

Oh, what have I done

Oh, what have I done
A few months ago
I was looking for fun
Amidst all the snow

I got excited for accomplishment
and signed up for races
But now in the basement
I walk back and forth ten paces

I was motivated by the marathon
Found events to prepare
I then signed up for a bike-athon (really a ride in Colorado)
And drank lots of beer (not really but it sounded good)

So next week I will run thirteen point one
Miles through Columbus streets
With hopefully lots of sun

The goal is to be healthy
So running is what I do
It may be easier to be wealthy
Or go to the loo

So hell or high water
Next week I will run
Call me a monster :(
Oh, what have I done

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What is Missing?

Run, run, eat/drink, work, run some more, repeat... Something must be missing and I think I figured out what it is!

Don't get me wrong I LOVE running however I am watching my Facebook feed and some of my favorite websites and am noticing all of the other events I have always loved but am not signed up for. Triathlons and long rides. The reason I began nurturing my running was to allow me the ability to participate in longer distance triathlons. I really wanted to run a 10k or even half marathon fairly easily and gain running confidence. Well confidence is what I got. I have been running consistently for over a year and during that time ran half a dozen to a dozen 5ks, two five milers, a couple 10 ks, a 10 miler and am approaching my second half marathon. I guess I got the bug because I then decided I needed to accomplish the ultimate runners goal which is the marathon. I have that on my schedule (and paid) for the Columbus Marathon this year and can not be more excited! I do however think I might need some more balance.

I will be adding cycling and swimming into my cross training over the next few weeks. I have to begin training for that century ride because I did tell my brother that I would ride with him this year! I have also realized how much I miss the refreshing feel of diving into the pool or a reservoir for a good swim! I need to start balancing out the training. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mixed Emotions and Awesome Spectators

Proud and Disappointed. Is it possible?

I ran one of the hardest races today. Very hilly; up and barely ever down for ten miles. I am very proud of my accomplishment I ran the entire race but allowed myself to walk the water stations (a strategy I have learned by reading Runner's World). On the other hand I am slightly disappointed because my pace was slower than my half marathon last year. What gives?

I was running on an injury that may be slightly worse right now, the hills were extreme AND annoyingly I had to stop at two stop lights. I think I am going to quit beating myself up and accept the fact that I accomplished a run that many people wouldn't even dream of running. I am however going to harbor some annoyance over the fact that the police quit blocking traffic for this everyone welcome event. OK so moving on...

Awesome Spectators!!!

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that spectators can make a race. I was very fortunate today to have a good friend of mine show up to cheer us on at the start, and there to great me at the end with a much needed hug! I can't thank my friends enough for their support. Not only do they run with me but they also support me on my adventures.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Perfect Play List

I don't run with an iPod; I instead run with the the soundtrack of the world. I often consider picking up my iPod to join me for solo runs but have not succumbed to the peer pressure. Running without music can be invigorating. What other times do you get to sit back and reflect on life, listen to our body and enjoy the sound of the water running in the river?

There are various camps as it relates to running with music blaring in your ears. One argument is that running with music can be dangerous because you are less aware of your surroundings. I like to run on a pretty busy bike path in town and can't imagine what it might be like to not hear the reckless cyclists coming up from behind me. I should mention that I am one of those cyclists so am not judging... Also some feel that women especially shouldn't run with music because we are more susceptible to predators.

On the other hand people who run with music can sometimes run faster and longer because of the tempo of the music. It is also a way to get through the mind games you may play with yourself. I however would find myself playing more mind games with music. I would say once this song is over it is OK to take a break. If you listen to jam bands like I do that can be a good thing because a good Phish song can last upwards of twenty minutes.

I was recently contemplating trying out the iPod again and started concocting the perfect playlist in my head. I don't want to run with music unless I have the perfect music. What you will see below is the start of what I am now going to call my marathon play list. This play list will need to last up to six hours with the last hour full of music that will remind me to dig really deep. If I do use this playlist during long training runs or even the marathon I will need a good pick me up for the end. Read through it and then help me out:

Wagon Wheel ~ Old Crow Medicine Show
Don't Stop Believing ~ Journey
Waugeepaug Groove ~ Phish
Bouncing Round the Room ~ Phish
String Cheese Incident (Rothbury)
Hey Soul Sister ~ Train
Rush ~Big Audio Dynamite
Daughter ~ Pearl Jam (from the gorge)
Midwest Gospel Radio ~ Yonder Mountain String Band
Home ~ Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Kick Drum Heart ~ The Avett Brothers
Dog Days are Over ~ Florence and the Machine
Requiem for a Dream ~ No clue who composed this
Truckin' ~ The Grateful Dead
Everyone Deserves Music ~ Michael Franti
Bomb the World ~ Michael Franti
Stand by Me ~ Song Around the Word version
Fire it Up ~ Busta Rhymes
Ice Ice Baby ~ Vanilla Ice
New York ~ I think it is Alicia Keys
Pinocchio Story ~ Kanya West
A Day in the Life ~ Beatles
Good Morning, Good Morning ~ Beatles
Sweet Caroline ~ Neil Diamond
Eye of the Tiger ~ Survivor
Sex on Fire ~ Kings of Leon
Just Dance ~ Lady Gaga

I am missing some essentials so please comment and tell me what I need to add. Sorry no Elvis allowed on this play list!!!

Here is a great video for your viewing pleasure: