Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Job Mom!!!

I just returned to Columbus from a very busy weekend in Chicago. I was able to hang out with a lot of great people, go to a wedding, attend the cross town classic (although my Cubbies lost) AND participate in the MetLife Duathlon on a relay team with my mom. The race included a 2 mile run, 11 mile bike, and another 2 mile run.
My mom did the bike and I have to say she did AWESOME!!! It was her first event ever and I was very proud to be on her team when she crossed the finish of the bike portion. I gave her a hug, grabbed the chip and ran.
I have this mental problem with running. Whenever I do an event it is very "easy" to convince myself to complete the entire event, however when I'm running on the treadmill at the Y I can barely finish two miles. About four months ago I could jog 4 miles and then I fell off the band wagon. What I learned from this weekend is that I can in fact run 4 miles, I have not excuses anymore. I just have to do it. I'll take after my mom on this one!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why I use the Ellipses

Let me start by saying I swear this has a point somewhere in the text...

Last weekend I watched the movie Garden State again. I watched it because I couldn't figure out why I enjoyed it so much the first time around. I now remember…

So, On this quest to become an athlete I recall times when I've felt so insecure taking a jog down the street because I was too busy wondering what people are thinking rather than patting myself on the back because I’m doing something. Let's face it; there have been times I have been passed up by that lone walker while I am sweating my butt off jogging about four miles an hour. Because I have done a triathlon every year for the past seven years I can tell you there have been years where I trained so hard I have shocked my sister at how well I have done; I've also trained to little that I've shocked myself and how much time I've lost from the previous year. Recently while riding with my cousin David (who is one of my favorite riding buddies) in Chicago I said to him I was going to have no shame in my speed during the Tourdecure here in Columbus. He said to me there is no shame in riding slow, only shame in riding the couch...

That reminded me that I should work out at my own pace, and enjoy it. If I'm not enjoying it then I need to find myself a new activity. I can be original! There is no shame in that either...

For the past two months I have been riding, and jogging, and will be venturing into more serious swimming tomorrow morning. I have been enjoying it all...

In the past two weeks I have also reflected on the fact that every year I do the triathlon in August (with my big sis, and big bro-in-law, and this year my big bro), and every year I pat myself on the back and then begin to ride the couch until June of the following year.

So you may ask how this all fits together??? I have realized that when I finish my triathlon every year I end up putting a period on the experience rather than building off the experience. This year rather than a period I’m going to put an ellipsis after the triathlon. My quest to be an athlete will continue…

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Demoralizing Ride Home

If you recall from my last post I was totally pumped up and ready to work towards my triathlon and Century Ride! Well I rode to work like most days on Monday and Tuesday this past week. The first time I hung my head in defeat during this quest to improve myself was Tuesday. I was riding, hit a red light, and stopped. I should mention I was the first person to pull up to the light. I always stay to the right a bit so as to not slow traffic when it begins to flow again.

This guy behind me started laying on his horn, rolled down his window and started screaming at me. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. He finally pulled up on the right side of me and started screaming that I was blocking him from turning right.

So picture this, he pulled up to my right side before he told me I was blocking traffic. If you think about it, I obviously wasn't blocking him if he was able to pull up on my right. Anyway, he was screaming about bikes, and calling me many names. I flicked him off and spat back "Quit being a fricken jerk." I know I shouldn't have said anything because he could have had some serious road rage issues, but I totally lost control. His final words to me were something along the lines of "get off the road fat ass."

I actually can't believe I'm telling this story because it is kind of embarrassing. I think the reason it came out is because I've been working all day and have spent the evening doing laundry and cleaning house reflecting on my lack of progress toward any of my athletic goals this week. I think the reason I've been making little progress this week is because I'm letting some jerk shake my confidence. I need to let it go...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Emotions of Cycling

First of all I have to say congratulations to myself for finishing the 62 mile ride yesterday!!! It was one of those experiences where if someone asked me to sum up my experience with just one word, all I would be able to say is IMPOSSIBLE; not the ride but summing it up in one word. I had every emotion and feeling you could possibly have in a 5 1/2 hour period of time. Those emotions included frustrated, angry, happy, sad, ticked off, exhilarated, and on and on and on. The following are a variety of stories based on the feeling I was having at the moment...


When David and I arrived at the high school I looked around and noticed there were not as many people participating in the ride as I would have imagined. Not only were there less people then I thought but the guy who was announcing the race gave this speech and said if you are not feeling very comfortable with a 62 mile ride I want you to let you know this is going to be pretty hard. There are some significant hills. I looked over at David and said "Uh Oh now I'm nervous."


After the guy gave his little speech and made me nervous they rang the bell and off we went on our 62 mile adventure. If you have ever done a ride of any sort you will probably relate to this little story. We went off with the crowd of about 100 riders and it felt pretty awesome. David and I rode with a pack for awhile and I felt exhilarated. Nothing like riding with a large group of people who are out to attain their goal of finishing the ride AND have fun. People were so nice and encouraging!!!


As I was nearing the rest stop at the 23 mile mark I was feeling somewhat upset with myself. I though damn it, why didn't I train a little harder, I'm having trouble keeping up...


At about mile 32-35 (not quite sure where) David got a flat tire. Neither of us brought a spare tube and we had to call the support vehicle. We waited about 45 minutes to an hour for the cutie to pull up with spare tubes in the back of his car. While we were waiting I was somewhat frustrated because David and the people we were broken down with started talking about possibly taking a ride from the support guy to the next rest stop. I was frustrated because I spent so much time training and I wasn't quite ready to give up. We did not take the ride, I was happy.


David's bike got fixed and we were on our way; we were riding and I felt really good. We were also making good time and felt very strong. I was very happy.


Once we got into the last twenty miles we really started hitting the hills. Those of you who think Ohio is flat, I have something to say to you. OHIO IS NOT FLAT!!! As the hills got a little more intense our speed dropped down to probably about 10 miles/hour at one point David's odometer read 4 mi/hr. I was feeling defeated and was in a tizzy because I didn't feel they had enough rest stops on this ride... My biggest moment of defeat was when I WALKED my bike up what I called the wall. If you recall on a previous post I talked about a fall while riding with my sister. That almost happened to me again on this ride...


When we finally hit the rest stop at the 51 mile mark I almost cried I was so happy. I knew only 11 miles to go. YIPPEE!!!


As we started the last eleven miles of the ride I began getting angry and enraged. My butt hurt, the hills kept coming, the turns weren't marked well, cars kept honking their horns and driving way too fast, and I couldn't get to the end fast enough. As we rode I started getting very negative. I was cussing out the organizer of the race, the hills, the cars, the arrows on the road. Basically everything I could be mad at, I was mad at. It was mostly because my butt hurt SOOOOO horribly. The end couldn't come soon enough...

David was my saving grace through all of this. He kept reminding me of the positives and reminding me that the end was coming.


As we started riding in a neighborhood setting I began getting extremely excited. The end was near. I said to David "Someone better expletive cheer for us when we cross the finish line." I was sooooo excited...


I had the immense feeling of satisfaction, relief, and mostly PROUD, when I crossed the finish line with David (btw, people did cheer for us). I have never been so challenged in 5 hours as I was yesterday.


There was nothing on my body that wasn't sore with the exceptions of my legs.

Before the day was over I was already planning my century ride. It was so challenging but it made me feel like a part of something. I know it isn't necessarily changing the world, but it has changed me. It gave me something I can be proud of while doing something I really enjoy!

More to come as I prepare for my four mile jog in four weeks....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Think Of Me

Tomorrow is the day!!! Saturday June 6, 2009 I will do what my sister calls a metric century. All for a good cause of course. Think of me while you are lounging by the pool, watching TV, doing a triathlon, eating ice cream, or swimming at the water park!!!

Stories about the ride coming to a blog near you!!!