Sunday, June 14, 2009

Demoralizing Ride Home

If you recall from my last post I was totally pumped up and ready to work towards my triathlon and Century Ride! Well I rode to work like most days on Monday and Tuesday this past week. The first time I hung my head in defeat during this quest to improve myself was Tuesday. I was riding, hit a red light, and stopped. I should mention I was the first person to pull up to the light. I always stay to the right a bit so as to not slow traffic when it begins to flow again.

This guy behind me started laying on his horn, rolled down his window and started screaming at me. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. He finally pulled up on the right side of me and started screaming that I was blocking him from turning right.

So picture this, he pulled up to my right side before he told me I was blocking traffic. If you think about it, I obviously wasn't blocking him if he was able to pull up on my right. Anyway, he was screaming about bikes, and calling me many names. I flicked him off and spat back "Quit being a fricken jerk." I know I shouldn't have said anything because he could have had some serious road rage issues, but I totally lost control. His final words to me were something along the lines of "get off the road fat ass."

I actually can't believe I'm telling this story because it is kind of embarrassing. I think the reason it came out is because I've been working all day and have spent the evening doing laundry and cleaning house reflecting on my lack of progress toward any of my athletic goals this week. I think the reason I've been making little progress this week is because I'm letting some jerk shake my confidence. I need to let it go...


  1. Some people just suck! You're right to try not to let some jerk shake your confidence. I'm proud of you and all the work you're doing, and just wanted to pass that on.

  2. I realize there are angels and jerks all around me. And, being a spirit being, I often inflate and deflate when I am around them.

    Keep the spirit. You are a strong, capable woman with a beautiful bod. Your choice to be as healthy as you can be is proof of your smarts and is commendable.

    I am inspired by you and only hope I can follow in your footsteps a bit.

    I try to remember that even the most well known beauties have their critics.

  3. :( He's just jealous cuz you rock!

  4. Total asshole. Sorry for the obscenity but seriously, heed not his ignorance, you are so much better...

  5. Am waiting now for the 're-moralized' sarah to emerge - when's the next post??