Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Have Multiple Sclerosis

One of my favorite bike rides ever!
I have debated whether I was going to make this public for quite some time, however there really aren't any significant reasons why I wouldn't share. It hasn't impacted my life dramatically, and if I'm lucky, it never will. I also don't want to be a poster child, nor do I require or want any special treatment simply because I have MS. The thing is, I know more and more people who are impacted significantly by this disease and I feel compelled to help the cause. So for one purpose only, I am outing myself.

Here's the brief story. Two years ago my tongue went numb, my arm went numb and I though I slept funny or had a mini stroke. I brushed it off as sleeping funny day after day, after day. Then my eye started twitching, among other symptoms. I decided I was simply crazy... After a while all of these symptoms became so infuriating so I went to the doctor. While at the doctor, he chalked it up to stress, but after a closer look he decided what I was experiencing wasn't normal. I doctored up... Ophthalmologists, Neuro-Ophthalmologists and Neurologists were all part of my life last spring. And my Neurologist will be part of my life forever now!

Cycling in Colorado!
I went for testing and BAM, I learned I had MS. My best friend became more than just a friend and is now
also my doctor companion. She has been by my side unwaveringly since I first started talking about the fact that I thought I was crazy, which was way before I decided to call the doctor.

Two days after I learned I have MS over the phone, I went to Wisconsin and did my first half iron man. Two weeks later my friend and I went to the doctor at which point I chose a treatment option (daily shot/injections/needles), and off I went to continue living my life. I did lose my vision in one eye TWICE in the fall, but am otherwise totally healthy. Tracking back my symptoms, I can tell you the day I experience my first memorable symptom; try over 7 years ago on my final day of jury duty...

Anyway, none of that really matters. What matters is this: I still run and bike and swim, I hike and walk my dog (and carry him up the stairs to bed), I work, I drive, I move around, I love, I cry, I LIVE!!! Why do I know I will be able to continue doing all of those things forever? Because I trust myself and my best friend. I also trust my doctor and my medicine. I am thankful because I have learned more about myself through my short experience with MS. I have learned that I can basically handle anything that I encounter.

Again, I am lucky (and hope to remain that way), some of my friends are not/have not been quite as lucky. So of course this post is going to include a request. I would like to maintain this quality of life forever, and I wish for my friends to have improved quality of lives as well!!! How can I help? Well, I can ride my bike... How can you help? You can donate to the cause...

I will be participating in a ride in August 2014, Pedal to the Point in Ohio, with a bunch of friends and family
who are dedicated to helping me maintain my quality of life, and we are in need of donations. The ride is an MS ride and is raising funds to help people with MS and for MS research. I am asking for your help!!! Please donate. It doesn't have to be to me, but can be to anyone on my team!.

Use the following link to access my donation page: 

Or use this page to access my team page:

Thank you for believing in the cause and helping out all of the people living with Multiple Sclerosis!
An Oldie but a Goodie/Bike the Drive in Chicago!


  1. So proud of you! Looking forward to joining you!

  2. Oh boy. I'm officially on your team....So proud of you, Sarah, the plumber, the painter, the electrician, the caretaker, and now the team captain! Bravo! Mom

    1. Glad you are joining the fun Mom!!!

  3. Awesome, honest post. Just what I've come to expect from you. Onward!

  4. You are amazing! Always so positive! Prayers and donations coming your way!

    1. We'll be surpporting you Sarah! We're in your corner - but you know that!

  5. That last post was from Michelle (Junkas) :)

  6. Great post. And glad you are out now, so I don't have to worry about over-sharing with anyone who might not know. Can't wait for this ride!!

  7. I'd been lazy about coming to the blog world for some time now, this post was definitely worth coming back for a read. Inspiring read for your honesty and efforts! Ride on!