Saturday, September 19, 2009

Best Times to Tacos

A couple of weeks ago my friend called me to ask me to participate in a 5k race for Multiple Myeloma. I of course jumped on the opportunity since it was one week after the triathlon and I am committed to staying active. It was the first time I started a 5k very comfortable knowing that I would finish it without much of a problem. What I didn’t know when I started was that it was going to be my best run time ever. I finished in 37:07; which translates to 11m 57s miles. A few weeks ago I told my sister and her husband that my goal is to be able to run 11m 30s miles; my goal is in sight…

I was already searching for the next event, I could not have even guessed what was going to come next…

Earlier this week my friend facebooked me to tell me she was doing this 20 mile ride called Night of 1000 tacos, and asked me if I was interested in participating. I quickly learned that it was basically a tour of Taco trucks on the north side of Columbus. I quickly responded with a Heck Yeah!!! Last night we met up with the group and took off to ride through parts of Columbus I didn’t even know existed. I had the BEST tacos I have had since I was in California many years ago. There is nothing better than riding with a large group, and eating awesome tacos. What a way to end the week!!!

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  1. Love this. Who wouldn't wanna join a race that includes taco stops. The closest thing I've done is a bike race in Boulder, where one of the support stations had mini breakfast burritos, round mile 50.
    And BTW, congrats on your 5 k!