Monday, December 14, 2009

It's NOT like riding a bike...

It is very interesting... My friend and I were talking yesterday about my recent illness, and my training regimen for the Cap City Half Marathon. I was telling her that I didn't run while I was sick because I had a cough and learned that you should never run while you have a cough. Now, if that were the case I would not have run today because I STILL have a cough.

The interesting thing that transpired during this conversation is that when my friend asked me how I felt about not running while I was sick, I told her I was very anxious. It made me nervous to not run for a little over a week. Her response to me was something along the lines of; You know what that means, you are turning into a runner.

Another interesting conversation we had that I am still thinking about is the fact that you can lose running so quickly. It isn't like riding a bicycle where you can just pick it up. You never forget how to ride a bike. The same is true for running, however with running you can't just jump back in and run a marathon, you have to retrain your body to run a marathon. Every time I take a sabbatical from running it is like taking two steps back.

There are a few lessons here:

1) I ran and I can say I feel better; my cough is pretty much non-existent after running today.

2) Once you determine you want to do something, if you follow through, you can declare yourself that something. I AM A RUNNER!!!

3) Next time I consider my friend "the sabbatical" I will remember how it feels to run the first two miles after a long break.

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