Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guilt in Moving

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping my friend move. Seven hours later, everything was out of the third floor apartment and in the second floor apartment (there were no elevators people).

Of course there is a story in all of this.

I was supposed to run five miles yesterday and it never happened. I woke up this morning mentally motivated but physically fatigued. I had great intentions to get out for the five miles today but it never happened. Do I feel guilty? Or simply move on? It would probably be best if I opted for the latter but it is hard. When you are training for a half marathon it simply isn't that easy. Logging miles is part of the training. It doesn't matter how you log the miles but you HAVE to log the miles (or so that is what I am told). I think this is why I'm feeling so darn guilty...

Someone recently told me that when I find myself saying "I really wish I would have," I should follow the statement up with, but I didn't. And then move on.

I have a plan to move on; Run five miles tomorrow.

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