Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Half Marathon Poem

I’m writing a poem so you can see
Why you should come out and support me

I’ve been training for months to run very far
Me legs have hurt from running on pavement and tar

If it wasn’t for charity I may have quit
But then on the couch I would still sit

The running has helped me lose some weight
Even with all the awesome food I ate

I ran fast in the rain, sleet and snow
And now in the heat I’ve become a little slow

All the activity has been very neat
It only got frustrating when I hurt my feet

Three weeks ago while running with a friend
My feet said please stop let me mend

I took days off so I could heal
But today, ready and steady I feel

If you’re in Columbus you should know
There is a place on Saturday you should go…

Head down to Nationwide to see me start
Or stand on the sidelines and past you I will dart

You could also stand by Nationwide at eleven or so
And you will see the finishing show

I will cry when I’m finished because I am a sap
You would cry too if this was a rap

[If you feel compelled to donate;
The good news is it’s not too late

Just click on the link on the right
And then you can say you helped the blood cancer fight]

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