Thursday, May 27, 2010

Self Indulgent Ramblings

I have many different topics that have been rumbling around in my head that could potentially be their own blog posts, but I’ve decided to get it all out at once. Self indulgent you may think? Perhaps, but I'm OK with that.

From Seas to Mountains

If you ever find yourself traveling to high altitude from almost sea level be prepared for gasping breaths while running, hiking or cycling. More about this in a future post.

When I’m Not Blogging

I recently took a road trip and spent hour after hour in the car. I wouldn’t do it any differently because my Dukie Man and I had the best time and it forced me to think a lot. I managed to maintain my training schedule while on the road which was amazing in itself but I bet you can guess what happened when I got back to Columbus. That is right, the exercise sabbatical has crept back into my life. This I am not proud of… So here is what I learned, when I am not following my training plan (or when I’m on vacation) I’m also not blogging. You may ask what I am doing??? I’m hanging out on my couch trying to figure out how to get myself off the couch. I seriously need to get over this. I am making a commitment to my faithful readers (and me) that I will no longer take said sabbaticals so I can provide you wandering thoughts about various athletic journeys that you may consider joining.

The BEST Bicycle Shop

Right before I went on my road trip I had my bicycle serviced. You may recall a previous post where I spoke of a horrible bike shop that didn’t even attempt to fix what I asked them to fix. Well the new shop, less than a mile away from my house, is now my new favorite place. If you live in Columbus and need a new bike, regular maintenance or a big fix on your bike you have got to check out roll: as they were the most helpful and thorough staff!!!

Race For the Cure

My new running buddy and I ran our fastest 5k ever a couple weeks ago. We broke 12 minute miles!!! My buddy also asked me what race is next. I’m telling you this stuff is not only addictive but it is contagious too. To read more about how healthy lifestyles can be contagious check out this blog post or this article from Runner’s World.

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