Sunday, June 5, 2011

Soldiers and Warriors!

The three of us after the Soldier Field 10
Before I got seriously ill this past week I had the pleasure of running the Soldier Field 10. Not only was it sponsored by my favorite running store, Fleet Feet Sports, it had the best venue and most awesome finish line. Imagine yourself finishing a 10 mile run on the 50 yard line on Soldier Field. So it is true I am not a big sports fan but you still get caught up in the excitement when everyone around you is hyped up and the theme song for the Bears was playing while you run through what I believe to be the same tunnel the players run through to get on the field.

So last week I was a Soldier and today I was a warrior! My friend Erin and I headed down to Logan Ohio to participate in the Warrior Dash. Although amazingly fun, it was also amazingly difficult! Most of the event went straight uphill, and I'm not talking about a slow incline, but rather an uphill that was covered in mud and freshly rained on. Running up the hill was nearly impossible. On the downhills we were much better off sitting down and sliding while trying to be careful to divert any contact between butt and rock.

The obstacles during this event included a pond with logs, planks to balance on (which is much harder than it looks), tires, barbed wire over mud pits, fire that you have to jump over, a river run, cargo nets and walls. I have to admit that my fear of heights took over at one of the cargo nets and barricade but overall the experience was amazingly fun.

I think my favorite part of the day was the water station. Basically two guys hold fire type hoses and hose you down to clean you off. It was my favorite part of the day because you had to walk through about six inches of  mud, get hosed down to clean off and then walk through another enormous field of mud to get out of the mix.

If you want to have an awesome day, sign up for a warrior dash near you!!!

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