Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Tree is STILL Happy!!!

I was recently reading more of the book 'Running the Edge.' It is one of those books that you have to take your time to read. Well, that is true if you are like me. I actually read the book, do the exercises and then self reflect before moving on to the next chapter. It appears that my self reflection exercise for certain chapters can be quite lengthy. I mean I got the book several months ago and I am just now getting to chapter 3. The most recent chapter talked about self actualization and how very few people reach a point of self actualization.

If you asked me what I strive for in life, I would tell you that I want to be self actualized...

Anyway, over the last couple of weeks (yes I have missed one week, I think) I have decided balance with my workouts is a good thing. I have not been the best at logging all of my workouts but I know that every time I crash into bed at night, my body is perfectly fatigued from the effort I put into it from the day.

In my quest to be a 'distance maven' (have I mentioned that I hate that term?) I have relaxed in areas that allow me to approach a simple nine mile run on a Saturday morning with a shrug of the shoulders followed by breakfast with a friend, a run festival, house 'cleaning', impromptu drinks and an 8 mile hike the following day. You know what is brilliant about all of the activity? I was able to wake up Monday without an ounce of fatigue but could instead say, this tree is still happy...

Maybe this is a small piece of self actualization...

Here is one of the most brilliant pictures of a tree's root system I have ever seen. I need to go to Cambodia to see this for myself:

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  1. Yay! I love the zen like feeling I felt reading this post.