Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where did all the Twinkies go!!!

I didn't even realize I liked Twinkies until they were gone. Unless, of course, I want to buy a box for twenty dollars or more on ebay... I have been to the grocery store, Target, UDF, Speedway and other random stores since Hostess Brands took a nose dive. I never had intentions of looking for hostess items but I found myself looking at the Twinkie shelves longingly, wishing I could have just one more. Gone...

When I eat, I eat understanding that everything I put into my body will impact my next work out, sometimes favorably and sometimes less so. There is a reason I prefer running on Saturdays. If I run on Saturday morning, that officially leaves Saturday night to eat less favorably and drink some beer all knowing that my body may suffer on Sunday. Take today for example, because of last night my desire to get to the gym for a swim, well, failed me. I had the best night last night; Started with dinner at the local casino, followed by a little slot action, a crappy jukebox, a stop at the waffle house and very little sleep. I ate a few desserts, a waffle (which was ordered based on smell), drank too many beers and quite frankly, although I was very chipper this morning (my friends will attest to this) I simply couldn't get myself to snap into action. Let me be clear. I have to regrets! Last night was unexpected and tons of fun. As a matter of fact I already started planning a karaoke night and an encore.

BUT, the truth is after a many hour nap I woke up knowing I destroyed my workout potential with all of my activities last night and instantly I wanted a Twinkie!


  1. That's just awesome. I found myself wanting a ho ho myself and I loathe them!

  2. I went looking for Twinkies too. Ironically, a couple of weeks I talked myself out of buying a box. Stupid self!

    That night sounds awesome!