Monday, June 3, 2013

Today is the Day

Ever have that thing you always wanted to do but you don't do it because... well, you really don't know why? Yeah, I have those too, but here is what facebook has to say about that:

Some of my favorite bloggers/runners/authors have something to say about that too:
"Make someday, today"
Michael Franti has his take on it too...
"I say, Hey Hey Hey
No matter how life is today
There's just one thing I got to say
I won't let another moment slip away."

And you know what? They are all right!

You know what the funny thing is? Well this... I am tired, not just tired but exhausted/fatigueed. I don't know why, but I do know that my life must be pretty awesome for me to feel this way. Right? It has to be true...

Anyway, I got home from work today and as the exhaustion and fatigue set in, I decided to lay around for a bit. Laying around, turned into a nap... Who naps after work on a Monday? This girl... But I woke up thinking about those moments that we should never let slip away, perhaps because I just slept away an hour in which I could have been at the gym? Anyway, I'm still tired and exhausted so I am passing up the gym for the evening and am trying to not feel guilty about it because of all those quotes above. Here is the reality though...

On Saturday one of my friends conquered something pretty significant and amazing. I'm kind of mad at myself for not getting a picture of the two of us actually... But she is the prime example of a person who sets a goal, goes all out to reach that goal and accomplishes that goal.

We signed up to swim an open water swim at Alum Creek, she in preparation for a triathlon relay we are doing in July as a relay and me in preparation for the triathlon I am doing in a couple of weeks. We were met with some of the most challenging conditions for swimming (please note if you are an English Channel swimmer, this might make you shake your head because those are quite possible the most challenging conditions, but it is all perspective). I got in the water for my swim and took off slowly, got thrown up against a buoy and swum over by people who clearly should have started in the front of the pack. The water was intense and it literally felt like we were swimming in an endless pool that was never going to end! It did though. My friend Tara went next, I told her it was tough, so tough in fact, the current was pulling the buoys off course. As she was waiting they announced to the swimmers to be careful because it feels like a washing machine out there. The race officials were correct, a washing machine is the perfect comparison for what the water felt like. But you know what? That didn't even make Tara flinch. She headed out into the water and swam, and swam, and swam!!! She finished, we hugged and I was proud!

My point here is this... When faced with a tough situation, or with a desire, we always have a choice. Tara chose to swim. She didn't put off an opportunity that was presented to her; She just did it right then and conquered that goal.

I hope you all take a moment to do something today, that you have continually been putting off until tomorrow. After all, you never know what tomorrow might bring.

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  1. So true! I could tell how proud of Tara you were when you told me about it. You amaze me with your swimming. Maybe one day you can teach me - that is if we can be patient that long!