Sunday, July 28, 2013

The 30 Mile Bike Ride

Recently my good friend and running buddy Sue started cycling. Two weeks ago we went for our first bike ride together which was 10 miles, the following week we did 20, so naturally it made sense to ride 61 miles this week? Or something like that...

It is no secret that I have been having a hard time with running lately, so I have really needed a confidence boost. Sue and I met this morning and were going to check out a portion of a trail in the Miami Valley. The real reason I wanted to go down there was for ice cream at the end of the ride at Young's Ice Cream.

We started this ride and I was thinking we were shooting for 30 miles, since that is what we had previously discussed, so was extremely surprised when Sue said she was willing to go for 40 miles. Well, if you know me, twisting my arm to go a few extra miles on the bike is not hard. So, 40 is what we settled on. At about mile 20 we were both starving so we asked some local riders where the closest food was. They told us it was up the trail about 2 or 3 miles. They did not look convincing so just to make sure, Sue asked if it was at least less than 10. They said that there was no way it was 10 miles. I was shocked again when Sue said, let's keep going for food.

Half Way there eating the best sandwiches EVER!!!!
We approached a little town about 7 miles up the trail and came upon the trail side restaurant. Much to our dismay the restaurant was closed!!! Not just closed, but shut down. I think I went into panic mode... Again asked a couple of locals where we could find food. They sent us to Waynesville, where I ate what was probably a mediocre sandwich that, in the moment, was the best sandwich I had ever eaten!!!

After eating, we headed back to Yellow Springs... We started riding, I told a lot of stories, practiced silence, laughed a lot, smiled for 5 hours and dreamed about ice cream! Going for a 60 mile ride is not an easy task especially when you only planned 30 miles, but we did it. Not only was it fantastic to spend another awesome weekend with one of my closest friends, but we got to share a ride that we will both remember (well I will at least) for a very long time.

By the way, the ice cream was the BEST ice cream I have ever eaten!!!

We totally just finished a 61 mile bike ride. 


  1. Love the smiles on your faces. Super jealous of a ride with young's ice cream at the end! Nice job!

  2. Sounds like a great day! I passed through Yellow Springs once many years ago. A great little town- I thought it seemed like the perfect place to open up a bakery. I'm glad you had such a nice ride... and I hear the weather up there is beautiful these days!