Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life is Better with You

If we are always striving for a finish line do we take the time to enjoy today for what it is worth? Think about it!
Life is better with Dukie!

This week I did not exercise at all, and to be honest I really don't care and here is why...

On Tuesday I saw my favorite musician play here in Columbus. My friends and I headed to Michael Franti on Tuesday and of course he did not disappoint. He engaged the audience in his typical fashion by performing out in the crowd so as to involve us in the joy he has for the music and the fans. He told stories of love and friendship, kindness and caring. He sang about sunshine and roses, love and loss, war and peace. One of my friends put it best when she said "Michael Franti blew my head off with love."

You see, I can often be heard saying that life is not about money or cars, belongings or hate but instead about love and relationships. Regardless of whether you are single or attached, with child or not, every person who you allow to enter your life is a gift. This is one of the reasons I have loved the journey of my athleticism. I have friends who have come and gone, but those friends that stick around for the long haul are the people who enrich my life on a monthly, weekly and some even daily basis. Michael Franti sang a song about relationships that has been resonating with me since Tuesday. I've heard it on the radio but until I heard why he wrote the song, I really didn't allow it to sink in.

So then this weekend I went camping and I lost my footing for a little while and needed to ask for help. My friends helped me come back to center and while they helped me out this song started ringing in my ears. Take a listen, you will understand!

You see, this summer has been interesting because my mindset has shifted and I have discovered the struggles that I have been experiencing to get to the start line of races are part of the journey... Basically the athletic goals I make are merely a means to guide my journey. I now understand why people say that the journey is the destination. Every day is the destination in this thing called life.

My athleticism and abilities change daily and because I continue to look inside myself, I know that the struggles remind me that I am alive. Similarly, Michael Franti sang another song that invigorates me every time I think about it. When we wake up in the morning, and choose to get out of bed and tackle the day, we get another gift and that is making the choice to be alive:

While camping, not only was I surrounded by some awesome friends, every breath I took in those woods (even those filled with campfire smoke) were reminders that I should have fun and enjoy every opportunity that is presented to me.

Over the next few years I plan to participate in an MS bike ride in Ohio called Pedal to the Point. I will also be hiking Pikes Peak in 2015 with my best buddy and a bunch of other folks who want to conquer some of their physical obstacles, and striving for these activities/events are what allow me to feel alive.

Basically, what I am getting at here is this: I would say to all the people who remain close to me, and my athleticism that even in the hard times or on the rough days 'Life is Better with You.' And for that, I am thankful!

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