Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Yeah, OK, so I took a short break, but for good reason. I've spent the last two weeks organizing my life. When I say I organized my life, I mean I cleaned out every cabinet, every drawer, every closet, every spot in my house. It is pretty amazing how one can walk in their house and it just feels lighter because of purging so much stuff!!!

I'm thinking it is time to identify my goals for the year:

Glass City Half Marathon - Toledo, Ohio - April

Soldier Field 10 miler - Chicago, Illinois - May

A MS ride in DC - Somewhere in Virginia - I just need to identify a ride and talk a few people into this - June-ish or August-ish

Hike Pikes Peak - In Colorado - July or August

Besides those goals, I have some other 'life' goals that will take precedence, like my house. I'm working on getting everything that is broken fixed. This weekend I started the bathroom, thanks to my bestie... Slowly and surely it will all get done.

I will soon be back to the story telling... Stay tuned!!!

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