Sunday, September 6, 2015

An Extrovert's Dilemma

I've talked about the difference between an introvert and an extrovert before on my blog. The topic resurfaces in life from time to time, and the past week is one of those times. Someone shared a shirt that had a reference regarding how to treat an introvert. In this email exchange I stated that there needed to be a shirt for the extrovert, but they pointed out that an extrovert doesn't need a shirt because everyone knows everything about an extrovert from their feelings, down to what they ate for lunch. I responded stating that the comment was proof that a shirt needed to be made for the extrovert that says something like this: 'Just because I'm an extrovert, doesn't mean you know me. All you know is what I ate for lunch!!!' I should mention this exchange was in jest because we all know each other well, and we were poking fun at our differences.

This exchange got me thinking and researching again about the extrovert, so I hit google to find out if anyone has decided to take care of the extrovert since the last time I blogged about the difference between the introvert and extrovert. Not to my surprise, there was nothing new out there for our loud, outspoken souls...

Anyway, I'm not going to dissect the relationship between introvert and extrovert in this post, I'll leave that to the researchers out there...

I do want to take this opportunity to instead identify the struggles that one might have, as it relates to exercise, if they are an extrovert. You have likely noticed that I have been fairly lackadaisical about my workout regimen this summer.  It is impossible not to notice that, since my bike ride, workouts have been inconsistent, or should I say, semi non-existent. With a lackadaisical routine comes weight gain, lethargy, exhaustion, inconsistent diet, etc. It is so bad that I have literally skipped bike rides because I didn't want to load bikes in my car. I mean, come on!!!

Why did I just give up? That is the million dollar question... I have some theories (excuses), and they all point to yes. You see, I took a running break, although I've still been running at least once a week, because it is too hot outside. Again, I'm going to say, COME ON!!!!! Yes, I have MS. Yes, it is hard to walk after I run sometimes. Yes, it is scary to be alone after a run, when struggling. But really? Is that a good enough excuse? Some would say yes, but I'm starting to think no. I know after a 5 minute cool down, I'll be able to walk unassisted again. So then, what is the true problem? Some would say I don't want it bad enough. But, talk to me when I'm an emotional wreck because I haven't exercised and you will understand I want it, and I want it BAD!!! But, who likes to be on the trail, running alone in silence. Who gets energy from this alone time? Not the extrovert. And so the dilemma begins.

Luckily, my exercise buddy has been willing to ride this summer, so I have had that outlet, THANK GOD. But, you see, I have spent this weekend alone and it has exacerbated the extrovert dilemma in my mind. I have had every opportunity to go out and exercise, but instead I have been focusing on other activities, because I'm no longer in the habit of daily exercise. I have no one to blame but myself. I'm either going to have to try and beg my exercise buddy to get back to running with me (we are signed up for a 5 miler soon), or I'm going to have to learn to run solo again. OMG, the extrovert in me is tearing up just saying that!

I'm going to have to throw myself some kind of bone to get myself going again... The only person who can take care of yourself, is yourself... except when you are an extrovert??? Not quite, but part of taking care of yourself when you are an extrovert is having consistent, dependable people who you can recharge with, and when that person is an introvert, they soon understand that their simple presence in the same room as an extrovert can be enough. A perfect example. This week I simply needed time in the presence of a good friend to relax and so I asked my friend if I could come over and watch TV. I simply wanted to sit there, stare at the TV and know that someone was there. As an extrovert, it is extremely lonely spending a weekend by yourself, without a bone from the people who are closest to you. It is kind of crazy, but when you are an extrovert, your phone never dinging can literally feel like you are non existent to people. I'm going to say this again though... extroverts don't need people to take care of them, they just need people around to recharge and acknowledge them from time to time.

So, when you are talking to an extrovert about starting an exercise program, tell them to find a really good exercise buddy, because they will need it! I'm lucky to have found one... 

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