Saturday, October 24, 2015

Who Inspires?

Everyone is inspired by different things and people, which is natural, because let's face it, if we all liked the same things, life would be pretty boring. While watching all of the people who went out to see an Olympic Athlete in Columbus this week, I learned that I am absolutely not inspired, nor interested, in spending my time going to see a professional athlete who has spent her life as a career runner. Career runners just don't do it for me. Is it cool that they are fast enough to run in the Olympics? Yep. Is it cool that they have won several marathons? Yep. Is it cool that they traveled the world? Yep. But watching career runners, who spend their life chasing after the fastest finish line, simply doesn't do anything for me... If it does something for you, enjoy the experience!!!

So, what/who inspires me? Well, let me tell you...

Kayla Montgomery - HS runner who has MS - This is a girl who doesn't hold back. She runs despite the difficulty she experiences post run. She was diagnosed with MS in her HS years, at which point she decided to join the track team. She amazingly was one of the fastest runners at her HS, even her state. People claim she had an unfair advantage because she couldn't feel her legs while running, but I would argue that those same people simply couldn't handle they were beat by a girl with MS.

Dick Hoyt - Retired military man who makes triathlons possible for his son - He has a son who has cerebral palsy. His son wanted to be a runner, and Dick took up the sport so that he could push his son during races, thus allowing him the experience. Over the years, Dick's son wanted more, and so Dick took the leap and began training for marathons, triathlons, even ironmans. He had no personal motivation, but instead a selfless motivator, his son.

Rose, Liam, Toby - My little people - These three kiddos have taken on running and/or swimming at the ripe young ages of 12, 10 and 8 respectively.

Sue and Chris and Janell - My various buddies - Well, let's just say Sue puts up with me for miles on end, whether running or cycling. But the real thing that inspires me about her is that she pushes relentlessly through, even when times are tough. Chris has been a bit of a silent cheerleader for me, and an active cheerleader for her local people. She is a sports enthusiast, who will take on, even a half ironman. I've admired her athleticism for yours. And then there is my sister Janell. She is is at every race, especially those that support her friends, and their families. The thing about all of these three ladies is that they are not out to win the race, but experience something new and simply better themselves with their athletic pursuits.

Katy - One of my colleagues - This woman can swim! Not only can she swim, she has accomplished feats that many of us only have nightmares about. I think of swimming the English Channel and I envision swimming in a pool treadmill that NEVER stops. She thinks of swimming the English Channel and says 'why not'? And so that is what she has done.Although she proves to be one of the most accomplished athletes I know, she is still always there to lend a hand to the new participants in her sport. Not judgement, just acceptance.

That girl who crossed the finish line LAST! Gasp, yep, she is more inspiring to me than the person who crossed the finish line first. The runners who lead the pack are fantastic; most are supportive, some stick around to cheer on the final athlete, they want to share the excitement of their sport. Unfortunately, there have been a few middle of the packers, who have decided that back of the packers are lazy, not interested in training 'their way' which is apparently the right way, shouldn't 'dumb down' their sport. Those back of the packers inspire me even more, because they literally have to run through some of that negativity; and they do it.

I guess what I am saying is that the humble, kind, dedicated athletes, who have either dealt with adversity or are real humans that infuse their athleticism in their lives, are the people who do, and will always inspire me!

Need a little inspiration? Go and watch of of these people at their swim meets, runs, triathlons, and you will officially understand why they inspire. 

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