Tuesday, November 17, 2015


My favorite holiday is right around the corner. There is nothing better to me than enjoying my family without any expectations other than just hanging out. Next week, I will get to see all SIX of my nieces and nephews, my parents and all of my siblings in one place. The together time will be short lived, and that is why it is even more important that I enjoy every moment I have with them over the weekend. The next time we are all in one place at once might not have for a year or more.

Anyway, I know many people who feel as though being outwardly thankful in November is silly because you should technically be thankful all year round. I would agree with the spirit of that statement, and although I am thankful all year round, I don't necessarily shout from the rooftops because being thankful doesn't have to be public. Just because people choose to be thankful individually, doesn't mean they aren't thankful, they simply are choosing to do it behind the scenes. I like to take November as my opportunity to be very intentional and let people know how truly thankful I am, and so that is what this post is all about. Check out who I am thankful for:

My Parents: Mom and Dad are the most compassionate and caring individuals I have ever known. I have had tough moments this year, tougher than I have experienced in a long time, and rather than judge, they immediately go into support mode. The gift of unconditional love is one that is not offered frequently, but my parents demonstrate this gift every time they pick up the phone to their crying children on the other end, who just made the mistake of a lifetime. How fortunate am I to have such loving parents.

My Siblings: They are so uniquely perfect... My brother is ridiculously sarcastic, but in a pinch the most concerned and compassionate person I know. One sister challenges me to never give up, while my other sister encourages every challenge I take on with unwavering support. They all love me and care for me with an intensity that can not be duplicated.

My Kiddos: OK, so you might be asking, what kiddos? Well, I have six of them... Six of the most impressive nieces and nephews keep me on my toes. Between their love of pickled okra, to their artistic tendencies, their phenomenal swimming and running feats, their musicality, their kindness and sassiness, their love for nature, selflessness and kindness are all gifts that they give to the world and also share with me when I get to spend time with them. I'm very thankful for what I learn from these kiddos, because every time I see them I walk away with more wisdom.

Chris and Jorge: I've never really had friends who texted and/or called because they ran into a homeless dude in a parking lot, and do not want to abandon him with no resources. Chris and Jorge are perfect examples of what it means to take care of their community, and I'm blessed to know them.

My Colleagues: I believe and stand by the fact that money can not replace happiness at work. I am fortunate to be part of the greatest team. We perfectly compliment and challenge each other; we work hard and play hard. I am so very thankful to have colleagues that don't only make work tolerable, but exciting.

Sue: How many people can you talk with about your cat's litter box habits, and quickly shift into world affairs? How many people will come over and caulk your bathtub? How many people will let you be a jerk and then willing to be your best friend the next day? Well, those are very small examples of the kind of friendship that has been extended over the years by this amazing woman. How lucky am I?

All of these people deserve shout outs for everything they have given me this past year through kindness and support. I could NEVER properly thank these people for their friendship and support... But I will always try!

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