Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Great India Adventure

It has been a while since I have posted, but it is for good reason, I've been out of town for quite awhile. This vacation also meant that I have taken a break from my training schedule, which will need to begin with incredible intensity this weekend. Since I have taken a bit of an athletic break, I'm also going to take a break from my normal posts to share some stories from the Great India Adventure. As I get more into my half ironman training, I assure you I will get back to the norm, but for now I'm going to enjoy sharing my travel stories with my faithful readers.

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to go to India. It has been on my bucket list, but always knew I wanted to go with a native of India, simply to temper some of my nervousness about traveling in a country with such a different culture than I am used to. The opportunity for this trip presented itself unexpectedly. My mom was planning to travel to India with her priest and several other parishioners from her parish, and she invited me to join her because my dad was unable to go. Next thing I knew, my plane ticket was purchased and all I had to do was procure my VISA. My VISA arrived and the packing began.

To sum up the trip in one post, would be a disservice to this adventure. Over 18 days, there were laughs, and tears (only once), insane traffic, cultural lessons and awareness, lessons on religion. I made new friends, got sick, endured heat and an overnight train. I became more aware of everyday items I take for granted, living in the United States, and developed a love for goats. I learned to appreciate traffic lights and organized traffic.

Over the next several posts I will share stories about overnight trains, driving adventures, cultural awareness, ice cubes, livestock, father time, and so much more. I will be back to regularly scheduled programming soon!

Thank you for reading.

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