Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Invite

Having a relationship with exercise is like having a relationship with an introvert; you should never expect them to invite you to the party...

I liken this statement to something a wise woman told me recently; we teach people how to treat us.

You know what sucks? When you really just want to be invited every once in awhile... I guess I haven't taught exercise how to treat/invite me?

Anyway, I am a true extrovert, and so I'm going to always invite people to the party. The thing is, I don't want to over-invite, which is probably why I am selective about who I invite. I also don't want to have to beg people, or hear no all of the time.

My family, one of my sister's in particular, has a reputation of being successful recruiters for athletic pursuits. There is a reason I like to exercise these days, and I can tell you it didn't begin by sheer personal will... but rather by being dragged kicking and screaming! Boy am I glad I crossed that first starting line, because it led me to my first finish line! And here I am today, a recruiter.

You are cordially invited to join the 'Ridin for Myelin' team... Consider this your invite! I will not ask again, because I know if you want to join in the fun you will! I can guarantee a few things if you RSVP yes:

1) Dinner reservations the night before;
2) Fun on the course with all the people riding for MS;
3) Lunch reservations after the ride.

My sister and I are registered, and hope you do too...

Ridin for Myelin

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