Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mixed Emotions and Awesome Spectators

Proud and Disappointed. Is it possible?

I ran one of the hardest races today. Very hilly; up and barely ever down for ten miles. I am very proud of my accomplishment I ran the entire race but allowed myself to walk the water stations (a strategy I have learned by reading Runner's World). On the other hand I am slightly disappointed because my pace was slower than my half marathon last year. What gives?

I was running on an injury that may be slightly worse right now, the hills were extreme AND annoyingly I had to stop at two stop lights. I think I am going to quit beating myself up and accept the fact that I accomplished a run that many people wouldn't even dream of running. I am however going to harbor some annoyance over the fact that the police quit blocking traffic for this everyone welcome event. OK so moving on...

Awesome Spectators!!!

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that spectators can make a race. I was very fortunate today to have a good friend of mine show up to cheer us on at the start, and there to great me at the end with a much needed hug! I can't thank my friends enough for their support. Not only do they run with me but they also support me on my adventures.


  1. I was so proud of you. Pointing you out to my kids saying, "There she is!!!". You inspire me so.

  2. If I lived within a few hundred miles, I'd have drived to watch you from the sidelines - Nothing better than enjoying a liesurely bagel while your pals swoop past in running shoes and sweaty faces. Seriously though, Very Well Done!