Sunday, April 17, 2011

What is Missing?

Run, run, eat/drink, work, run some more, repeat... Something must be missing and I think I figured out what it is!

Don't get me wrong I LOVE running however I am watching my Facebook feed and some of my favorite websites and am noticing all of the other events I have always loved but am not signed up for. Triathlons and long rides. The reason I began nurturing my running was to allow me the ability to participate in longer distance triathlons. I really wanted to run a 10k or even half marathon fairly easily and gain running confidence. Well confidence is what I got. I have been running consistently for over a year and during that time ran half a dozen to a dozen 5ks, two five milers, a couple 10 ks, a 10 miler and am approaching my second half marathon. I guess I got the bug because I then decided I needed to accomplish the ultimate runners goal which is the marathon. I have that on my schedule (and paid) for the Columbus Marathon this year and can not be more excited! I do however think I might need some more balance.

I will be adding cycling and swimming into my cross training over the next few weeks. I have to begin training for that century ride because I did tell my brother that I would ride with him this year! I have also realized how much I miss the refreshing feel of diving into the pool or a reservoir for a good swim! I need to start balancing out the training. 

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