Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whoa I'm a Slacker

I can't believe I actually missed my target post date for the week. If you haven't noticed I typically try to post once a week between Saturday and Monday. I'm two days late. Sorry folks, or I should really apologize to myself for not keeping this commitment.

OK so moving on I am going to ENTERTAIN you all with my masterful poetry skills...

Oh, what have I done

Oh, what have I done
A few months ago
I was looking for fun
Amidst all the snow

I got excited for accomplishment
and signed up for races
But now in the basement
I walk back and forth ten paces

I was motivated by the marathon
Found events to prepare
I then signed up for a bike-athon (really a ride in Colorado)
And drank lots of beer (not really but it sounded good)

So next week I will run thirteen point one
Miles through Columbus streets
With hopefully lots of sun

The goal is to be healthy
So running is what I do
It may be easier to be wealthy
Or go to the loo

So hell or high water
Next week I will run
Call me a monster :(
Oh, what have I done

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