Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do you run when sick???

Well, the question is actually should you run/train while sick?

I can tell you that my friend Google will find me any answer I want, but the reality is I want to know if it is healthy/safe to run while sick. What started as a sore throat after I ran my 10 miler on Saturday (which I will tell you about in another post), eventually turned into feeling great on Sunday but a little congested, Monday I had an extremely stuffy nose, and now today I was barely able to get out of bed except to go to the doc and stop in the running store to order my new shoes (had to beat the sale). Since my doctors appointment I can tell you I have gotten a little worse but will spare you the gory details.

There are multiple camps as it relates to running while sick. Some people say run away, it will make you feel better, while others say running while sick could ruin your recovery.

I have also read about the neck rule. Ever heard it before? I haven't... The basics are if it is above the neck (runny nose, sore throat/ears/sinus, etc.) you are good to run. If you have chest congestion, nausea or fever you should not run. Other people just say don't run if you don't feel like running.

Anyway, I am now missing a second day of training and aside from not wanting to get out of bed I am getting anxious about the potential of missing another day of training (could this mean I'm starting to get better? I hope so!). So here I sit still, well actually lie, trying to decide... If I am able to get out of bed tomorrow and function semi-normally should I go out for a run??? If you have advice, it is now being solicited! 

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  1. Am a big fan of going to bed early and a slow breakfast with lots of warm fluids. I do agree that head colds can be tolerated during work, and work outs. Symptoms even sometimes disappear for me once I get into the water for a swim. But any lower respiratory ailments are best served by rest and good TV, with a little bourban for good measure. Be well!