Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Journey to the Finish Line (and Race for the Cure)


Better Pic from Half Marathon
I was talking with my sister last week about how the first three miles of a long training run can be the most difficult part of the workout. While I was running the 5k on Saturday (more about that later) I realized all I could think about was crossing the finish line as fast as possible. There wasn't a moment that I wondered whether I could complete the race. I can tell you that when I crossed the finish line all I wanted to do was keep going because I was just hitting my groove.

Picture from 10 miler in Gahanna!
When I ran the half marathon last week the first three miles were absolutely the most difficult. Throughout the race I encountered a sea of emotions, challenges and of course at the end success. There was a journey in that run, a journey that I embraced and loved. Endurance events are more about your mind than your body. I often play mind games with myself that include beating myself up for not working out harder, congratulating myself for training consistently, crying because I am in pain, smiling at the knowledge that I am challenging myself, and the list goes on. You probably noticed that in the previous sentence I contradicted myself, but that is what happens when you are continuously challenging yourself.

So why would anyone do this to themselves? We have all heard the famous quotes about focusing on the journey not the destination, I think my new favorite though is this "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." When I reflect back upon my two half marathons, my 62 mile ride, and when I look toward the full marathon I rarely reflect on or envision the finish line, but instead the little nuggets of information I have or will gain along the way. I appreciate the stories I have to share with friends, the moments in which I moved beyond what I thought was impossible. I guess what I am trying to say is there isn't an end point in this journey to become an athlete, but instead new challenges to face in the future.

One of my favorite signs during the half marathon stated that 'Humpty Dumpty had issues with walls too'. Are you going to conquer that wall, or let that wall conquer you?

Race for the cure

One of my favorite events in Columbus Ohio is the Race for the Cure. Although I had a bout of runners trots on Saturday, this year's event did not disappoint. I lost minutes to the bathroom again, but still had respectable results! Then I had to find my mom...

My mom walked the 5k and there are literally a sea of people from start to finish so I was somewhat concerned I wouldn't find her, but low and behold there she was crossing Nationwide Boulevard with a big smile on her face. I accompanied my mom for her last half mile with the motorcycle lined street. Bands, motorcycles revving, people cheering for you, announcers welcoming you to the finish line... I'm telling you, you will never experience anything like the Columbus Race for the Cure!!! YIPPEEE!!! What a good time.

Thanks mom for joining the fun!!!


  1. What a great experience...Motorycles, music, 50,000 people, beautiful neighborhoods, happy people. It was great!

  2. Maybe I will come out for it next year.