Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Different View of Hospitality

I truly enjoy the opportunity to practice self reflection which, I realize, can take many forms. Some people meditate, others chant, some pray and I run. Today, while at church, I recognized that running has been the greatest form of hospitality I have given myself. My church, which I lovingly call the hippy church, has been focused on hospitality this month which has been interesting on many levels. I view hospitality so very differently that many. I practice hospitality as most humans do by opening my front door and welcoming anyone to join me in conversation, for a place to crash for a night (or five) or to sit around the dining table with me.

On the other hand I view spending time with supportive people and always being myself as a way of providing me a form of hospitality; I am talking about the people I can talk to without limit, the people who I can be comfortably silent with, fall asleep with while watching a movie in my home (rather than trying to stay awake to entertain), people I can spend time and people I can run with.

By allowing myself to embrace athleticism I have found something that I consider one of the fundamental pillars that hold up the structure of my 'self'. I have opened a door to something that I viewed as a limiting but in return found something that is limitless. As I reflect on the fears I talked about last week I recognize the true power in the hospitality I have provided myself through running. Sharing those fears with all of you and listening to what some of my readers have shared with me allowed me to understand what might impact me in the future or hold me back as I begin to strive toward future goals.

I guess what I am saying, although with little eloquence, is that I have never really thought about the necessity of offering myself some of my own hospitality, perhaps because I am already doing it. I think I have running, in part, to thank for that.

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