Sunday, September 4, 2011

Giving the Gift Of...

I have received many gifts in my lifetime. I remember my first cabbage patch doll, the trumpet my dad brought home from work after Christmas, the scooter I received for my first communion, the scarves people have made for me and the list goes on.

I also remember the gifts of time. There is nothing I value more than the time I spend with people. I believe my parents instilled in me the importance of time. When I hated reading in sixth grade, my mom would sit with me and read, page by page, the Call of the Wild. This was a gift!

Over the last few years I have deeply embraced cycling, swimming and running. Running has definitely become my favorite sport and I have been trying to figure out why. For me it was the most challenging to embrace but has probably been the most rewarding. I honestly can't remember how I was initially introduced to running. It must have been the exercise bully, otherwise known as my oldest sister.

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who is a new cyclist. During this conversation I was telling her that I would rather learn from someone who is clumsy and passionate than someone who is great at or knowledgeable about said topic but totally disengaged. The reason we were even talking about learning opportunities was because I was bubbling with joy over my new found love of running. My cyclist friend told me that she would come to me, even though I am slow and newish to running, if she ever wanted to become a runner. I had to think about this for awhile and now realize this was the biggest complement someone could give me.

If you have had a conversation with me about running recently, you know that I can be found saying, dramatically, "I love giving the gift of running!!!" The truth is that when you spend time with someone and share your enthusiasm or passion for your new hobby, ideology, sport and the list goes on, you are giving the gift of...

For the record, I am not devaluing any of the material gifts that have been given to me over time but instead acknowledging shared passion and enthusiasm as valued gifts!!! Thank you to the people who gave me the gift of running!


  1. Fabulous post and absolutely true!!!

  2. Don't worry Sarah, I will still give you REAL presents..

  3. really wierd but the encryption code I had to type in was 'noloot'