Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sharing the Joy

In ten days I will be running my first of many anticipated marathons. I am ecstatic, although suffering a little from a troubling run today. As I was driving to Chicago last night I was thinking about all of my running friends and feeling the joy of having so many wonderful people in my life. I have a feeling that I am going to be so self absorbed, once I cross the finish line next week, that I will forget it is also the starting line for expressing gratitude for all of the people who have been/will be cheering me on through Facebook, on my blog and along the sidelines of the marathon.

One of the most powerful things I have learned through this journey is that sometimes hearing about a friend's accomplishment is as awesome as having an accomplishment of my own. I have owned, throughout this journey, that I am a slow runner, and though this may make me feel inadequate at times, I am extremely proud to watch my friends achieve new PRs, fastest splits on a speed workout or fastest miles ever.

If we were to flash back just two years you would see a person who is planning to run her first 10k with two of her closest friends. After we ran the Human Race on OSU campus the three of us talked about the half marathon we were going to run in May while toasting, over beer and pizza, the first 10ks for two of us (one from the crowd already finished a marathon). My friends, again, came to Columbus in May and we all ran 13.1 miles. My friends finished more than a half an hour before me but as I ran across the finish line they were the first people to throw their arms around me to share the common accomplishment of finishing a half marathon!

After we finished the half marathon 2010
Yesterday I was driving home to Chicago, patiently awaiting a call from one of the most supportive people I know. You see, every time I finish a run I tuck away the joy, sadness or excitement and call my friend to share the accomplishment of the day. Yesterday I was taking the day off from running because of some knee pain and needed to live vicariously through someone; I NEEDED to feel the joy of running. When the call came and the excitement was shared I felt as though I had the best run of my life because my friend chose to share the joy of his run with me.

Without people calling, posting on Facebook or texting me about their amazing accomplishments I may not have the same desire that I have today to continue on with the amazing life I have created for myself. Knowing that I have people to share the joy of running/cycling/swimming encourages me to continue on this journey and own it as my destination.

This blog was intended to remind people to share the joy with those around you whether it is their accomplishment or your own. What you can gain from your friends accomplishments can often be more powerful than your own.

The following pictures are of some of the people who have been there along the way:

Me, my sister and our friend (Chicago Triathlon 2009 I think)

Me and my running buddy (Cbus 10 miler 2011)
I look forward to having more captured memories in the future with old and new friends!!!

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