Monday, October 10, 2011

The Truth About Tapering

First I have to say tapering sucks!!!

I have promised honesty while on this journey and I would be a big ole liar if I said I enjoy this low mileage stuff leading up to the marathon. A number of factors have impacted my training this week but one of the biggest factors is my brain. I have read the most recent article in Runner's World Magazine about tapering and it provided great recommendations on tapering properly; they are the experts, why oh why don't I believe them.

As I sit here watching some terrible movie on the Lifetime network (the number 3 reason for getting rid of cable at my house) my mind continuously drifts to the impending marathon. Here are some of my thoughts:

- If I don't run big mileage this week, how can I be sure I can finish 26.2 miles?
- If most of my runs were challenging and demotivating last week will I still have the positive attitude to complete 26.2?
- One of the motivational people in my life ran her marathon today, will I have the same success?
- Thank god I was not like the girls in this lifetime movie while in high school (or ever for that matter)!!!
- Will I have the discipline to take care of my mind, body and soul this week, including getting enough sleep?

Tapering, for me, is a lot more than just cutting back on mileage; this week was also meant to be a time for healing both physically and mentally.

I honestly thought this was going to be a time where I would be pumped up and excited but instead am frightened and nervous. What I have learned this week is that tapering can challenge any semi-confident runner!!!

Again, I have to thank my supporters for providing me an outlet. Without many of you I would be lost, especially those who have listened to me without limit and encouraged me along the way. I know that the support, especially from my daily confidants will get me across the finish line. 

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  1. Sarah! You are ready and will do fantastic next Sunday! The 2 weeks before my first half were the worst in my whole training. I was fatigued and my legs hurt for the first time all season. I was terrified I had done too much and had ruined my chances for finishing. I was right where I needed to be and the taper gave me and my body a chance to rest and heal. My first half was great and I had a fun time during all of it. Hang in there and embrace the taper! :)