Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Run for My Life!

I had the good fortune of seeing many wonderful people this past weekend. It was amazing to hear all of the good will people offered me as it was the first time many of these folks had seen me since I ran the marathon. I was also blessed with a few emails from friends who have decided to pick up running and have told me they are inspired by me and my persistence.

Here is what I have to say regarding all of the amazing thoughts that people have shared with me over the last weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

In all honesty I do not feel like an inspiration I do what I do because I want to improve my quality of life; I want to live. What do I mean you may ask? Well, I want to have a long life of many hikes, camping trips, music festivals, road trips, visits with my friends/family, and the list goes on... I realize that I have very little control over when I am going to die but as long as I am alive I am going to live my life to the very fullest, which includes logging an hour or more of running a day to keep me somewhat healthy (actually I should say sane). Who knows, maybe running will prolong my life and allow me to jump out of the airplane when I am 80 (ask me about this if you are interested), hike the AT when I am 85, ski St. Mary's glacier when I am 90...

The real point is I am going to take advantage of every moment, embrace every opportunity and enjoy life.

I was listening to my good friend Michael Franti as I was driving back from Chicago on Sunday and some of his lyrics really struck cord with me:

So if you love somebody better tell them so
'Cause you never ever, ever know when they gonna go

I love music because we all get to interpret the lyrics as we see fit. I believe this song, "Life in the City", is about taking advantage of every opportunity, in a somewhat backwards kind of way. Regardless running provides me the tools of taking advantage of every opportunity.

For your listening pleasure:

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  1. I'm not sure I recommend skydiving at any age... I didn't do so hot at 19, let alone at 80! :)