Monday, November 7, 2011

Lessons From the Sidelines

Experiencing a marathon from the sidelines is very different than running one yourself. I had the pleasure of spectating my second marathon ever yesterday in Elyria, Ohio. Because I am a very reflective person I stood on the sidelines of my favorite person's marathon reflecting on his success and how I can learn from his success.

For starters, nothing in life is easy; neither is crossing the finish line of a marathon. The result we get when we cross the finish line is very reflective of the work we put in to getting there. Sound dramatic? Perhaps, but the reality is  that statement is so very true. Think about it, if your goal is learning to play puff the magic dragon on your guitar by Christmas but you only pick up your guitar to tune it from time to time, you should not expect to play puff the magic dragon any time soon!

So as I was watching this incredible individual achieve his goal all I could think is we all need to try harder, play harder, practice harder and believe in ourselves and the people around us. This week, and yes it has only begun, I have learned a lot about trust and commitment... If you want to achieve a goal you need to commit to it, do the work and trust the process!

Damn it, I am going to learn how to play Puff the Magic Dragon by Christmas!!!

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