Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back to the Basics

When I first started running seriously a year and a half ago, I did so with the intention of getting myself triathlon ready.  I enjoy running so much because it has enhanced my life and will forever be a five day a week activity for me not only because of the health benefits but also because it keeps me sane. I do have to  admit that I also think I love running simply because I have semi-irrational fears and I am lazy. OK, so I know how ridiculous this sounds considering I ran a marathon but stick with me here...

Running is simple; buy some running shoes that work, put them on and put one foot in front of the other.

Cycling and swimming? Not quite as simple, in my mind at least.

If I want to go out for a ride there are so many steps involved (this is where lazy comes into play). First of all I have to have a functioning bike and if you know me, I like to fix my bike myself which often involves duct tape and butter knives, rather than multi-tools and grip tape. Also, I have to have the proper shoes, helmet, bike shorts, a good bike jersey, spare tube, riding gloves, bike pump, camel back and coordination. I have a fear of riding on the road so I have to have a car that will carry my bike to a trail. AND because I have the best pup in the world, who very much loves field trips, it helps to have a bike trailer (which I have successfully procured).

Hopefully, you can see where I am going with this...

If I want to go for a good swim I need a pool or lake, swimming suit, goggles, swim cap, towel and a workout in mind. This also involves a drive to a gym or lake and because safety is important I prefer going with a buddy or when a life guard is on duty. Oh and did I mention a wet-suit is a must for open water swims? OK, so not a must but because I like the buoyancy and the warmth I think they are the way to go!

I love the idea of multi-sport events but I am not a fan  of all of the coordination. I sometimes wonder if my lack of success with multi-sport training was in part due to my inability to have all of the correct pieces in the right place at the right time. I have successfully completed a number of sprint triathlons but feel as though I have the capacity for more.

Well, because I made a commitment to myself I believe it is now time to take the leap and get back to a little multi-sporting (not sure that is a word but it works) this winter and see how it goes. I was able to train for a 50 mile ride AND a marathon this past year so I think it is time to give it a tri (go ahead, roll your eyes)!!!

So, this is just building on my goals from last week. I am going to become a faster runner, run the Chicago Marathon and find a triathlon for the summer! Think I can do it? I do...

I am now taking triathlon suggestions. If you know of any good (cheap) events in the midwest in June, let me know!!!


  1. Swim Sarah Swim!
    Bike Sarah Bike!
    Run Sarah Run!

  2. Are you looking at another sprint? I am thinking about the giant eagle multisport sprint tri. it's a point to point that ends up in downtown col. another thing we can train for together! i'd love to do a oly tri!