Sunday, December 11, 2011

Setting New Goals!

I had many people send me comments regarding my post last week. Thank you for your thoughts and comments!!! I want to let you all know that although I talked about failure last week I was not saying that I am a failure; I was simply acknowledging that I am not going to achieve a goal I set for myself. Although I find the positive in everything I can tell you that failing to achieve my mileage goal for November and December is a huge bummer! On the other hand I actually am happy that I recognized my limitations due to a nagging injury that seems to be pretty close to healed; I am also happy because I feel like I have been brought back to the basics regarding why I fell in love with running in the first place.

Running provides me an outlet to relax and unwind. It reminds me to live my life in a carefree, youthful way. Some people have told me that I have become obsessed with running and I prefer to call it a passion (thank you Chris for that one). The reality is that if something allows you to enjoy your life more thoroughly you should embrace it!

I am extremely glad that I was introduced to the quote I used last week because it is so true. In life we fail at things. We fail at our jobs, our running goals, we simply fail; we have to fail to learn to appreciate what we have. There is nothing wrong with failure as long as we try again!

Rather than wallow in my failure I am going to set some new running goals for myself! I am not setting any mileage goals because I need to focus on my body, instead I am setting some time goals for myself. First I am going to try and run with the 12 minute pace group at MIT this year. Today I ran with the 12 minute pacers at the Holiday Run in Westerville and it felt great! Why not try it out and see what happens? Second, I am going to start doing some speed work with one of my MIT buddies on Wednesday nights. I ran one of my fastest sustained five mile runs this week and I figure I should capitalize on the momentum. Third, I am going to shoot for a sub 11:30 5k pace at all of my future 5k races, unless of course I am sharing the joy of running with a new running friend who simply wants to cross the finish line. Come run with me!

Because running makes me feel like a little kid I figured I'd post a cover of Bob Dylan's 'Forever Young'. Who knew Swell Season covered this goodie:

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  1. I have a groin pull today from a 7k jog two nights ago. Due to the groin pull I lost my balance and fell down some stairs in front of a huge bunch of college students at my office. Kind as the students were, what a sucky start to my day. Made me want to get back in the water, where I never seem to pull or strain anything. What are your thoughts on this, oh passionate runner??