Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Dukie watching the Frisbees!
Welcome to 2012!!! I am not a New Years resolution kind of person; I prefer writing down a list of items I would like to accomplish in the New Year! This year is no exception. The only thing is I have not had the opportunity to write my list yet. I plan to spend the remainder of this evening cleaning my house and writing my list.

Over the past week I have failed to keep a running schedule. I will NEVER do that again, but I recognize life sometimes just gets in the way. Here is my story...

I took my typical running rest day on Monday and was looking forward to getting back to Columbus on Tuesday. I knew what route I was going to run when I got to town and was looking forward to what was going to be a fantastic training week! On Tuesday morning I woke up at my parents house to a sick pup and a few tasks on my to do list before I headed home to Columbus. After finishing up my nieces bed, putting away toys, tucking a crib away in a closet and many other tasks I packed up my car and headed to Columbus. On our way back to Columbus Dukie got sick, twice, in the car. We then got caught up in traffic from an accident. By the time we got back to Columbus it was too late to run and I was closely monitoring my sick pup.

Me and Dukie road tripping!
I was up most of the night comforting Dukie and calling the Emergency Vet. After a night of worry I worked from home for a few hours before my vet could fit Dukie in for an appointment. I took my buddy to the vet and he was swiftly put on an IV and hooked up to a heart monitor. Within an hour and a half I was driving to the Emergency Vet with Dukie in the back seat, hooked up to an IV. We got to the Emergency Vet where they explained to me that Dukie had something lodged in his small intestine, he had a heart murmur and his blood pressure was so low surgery was going to be somewhat risky. I realize some of you non-pet owners may be rolling your eyes right about now, but Dukie is my family in Columbus. I would do anything for my companion, my pup.

After talking with the ER doc for awhile I realized surgery was the only option. Dukie and I had a visit and off he went to have a foreign object removed from his intestine. Because Dukie was going to be at the Vet for one-three days I headed out to my car. It was about 7:00 at this point (mind you our trek to the first vet began at about 1:30 in the afternoon) and all I wanted to do was head home and relax until the vet called to tell me about their success with removing what we now know was a whole walnut. I got out to my car, put my hands in my pocket and realized I did not have my keys. I walked into the vet where all of the staff searched for my keys. I headed out to the parking lot with a flashlight and shone the light in my car to find my car keys sitting on the front seat in my locked car. I waited about thirty minutes for the locksmith and 110 dollars later was on my way home.

Dukie after surgery.
The vet called and told me the surgery was successful!!! This was the best news ever and I passed out for the night. In the middle of the Day on Thursday, the vet called to tell me I could bring Dukie home. I picked him up right after work but did not have the ability to leave him for the night to go out for a run. Nor did I have the ability to leave him on Friday except to bring a friend a gallon of gas because he ran out on the highway...

Thankfully one of my running buddies texted me Friday night to see if I wanted to run on Saturday. I responded very quickly with a yes! I ran on Saturday and today but both were a challenge. I do believe five days off seriously impacted me, primarily my mind. I will go out again tomorrow as I am trying to run at least a mile a day in 2012!

Dukie at the Indian Mounds!
Dukie is walking around with a t-shirt on and a cone around his head. I am icing his belly three times a day and giving him various medications about five times a day. He is perky and back to being happy (when his is not frustrated from walking into walls)!!! To be honest, I would not do anything differently if I could go back and start again except for squeezing in short runs on Tuesday and Thursday!

So what is 2012 going to look like? I plan to log many miles on foot and more miles on my bike with my buddy in tow! 

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  1. Oh boy, am I glad that Dukie is doing well. The TLC that you provide him is as good a remedy as all of the drugs that he is requiring at the moment. Man's/Women's best friend! Dukie is a lucky dog to be with this devoted owner.