Sunday, January 15, 2012

Updates are Necessary

I am an athlete!

This blog serves a number of purposes. The first purpose is to keep my family, friends and readers up to date on my journey, the second is to share some of the lessons that I have learned through this journey and the final is to maintain some sort of journal for myself to remind me where I came from and where I am going. With that being said this week's post is going to serve as somewhat of an update of several topics that have come up over the last few weeks...


For those of you who follow my blog, you are aware that my dog became critically ill just over two weeks ago. It was one of the scariest moments I have experienced as Dukie's companion. Many people have asked me how the little guy is doing. After weeks of many meds, mushy dog food, stitches and a cone around his head I can safely say he has recovered!!! I took Dukie to the vet this past week to have his stitches/staples removed and the vet was extremely pleased with the incision site. Dukie was released to go back to regular activity.

On Wednesday, Dukie and I went out for our first walk since his surgery, I have been able to go back to my regular sleep schedule AND have been able to sleep in my bed again!!! With that said, I can now comfortably resume all of my regular activities without worrying about him at home alone!

I am sure I have said this before but I feel compelled to say it again... Dogs truly are the best companions in the world. As I reflect back to the day I rushed Dukie between vets all the while being a 'mess' I realize the only thing that comforted me was Dukie's little snout resting on my leg and nuzzling my chin. 


I have purposely been very vague as I have talked about goals in the past month. The reason for the vagueness is simply fear of failing. What the hell, I'm going to throw my goals (and planned races) out there! As supporters and friends I ask that you ask me how I am doing along the way, offer encouragement and, if need be, tell me that I am crazy:


Run Cbus 10 miler: I do not have a time goal for this event as it is extremely challenging and full of hills. My plan is to use it as a long training run this spring.

Cap City Half Marathon: Because I am running with the 12 minute pace group with MIT this year and have been tempo running around 11:15 minute miles I am going to shoot for a PR at this race. I would really like to run this race in 2 hours and 35 minutes. Perhaps I am selling myself short or even making this goal a little too lofty based on past half marathon experiences, but heck why not try. If I fail, I will at least cross the finish line of another half marathon.

Giant Eagle Triathlon (Olympic Distance): My goal for this event is simply to finish. When I participate in events I am not trying to prove myself to anyone except myself. I will be satisfied with a finish as this will be my first Olympic Distance Triathlon.

Hopefully next year's marathon will produce a similar pic.
Chicago Marathon: For me, running long distances and having the endurance for those distances is more important than time. Let's face it, the world class athletes run full marathons in less time it takes me to run a half! My goal in Chicago is to improve my time from Columbus, which shouldn't be hard as Columbus has more hills and I am training A LOT differently than I did last year! 

Other Random Goals:

Mile a Day in 2012: This may seem crazy especially since we all know rest days are important. My plan for my 'rest day' is to go out for a very, very slow one mile. The personal benefit I anticipate from this goal is to get that escape/peace I find from putting one foot in front of the other. My progress thus far is that yesterday (I haven't logged any miles yet today) was a 15 day streak with 53 miles logged; an average of 3.5 miles a day. 

1350 Miles in 2012: OK, so if you do follow my blog you are probably recalling a moment in which I said I will NEVER set mileage goals again. Well, I just couldn't help myself! Don't ask why I chose this number... I spent several hours contemplating what was possible and would push me a little out of my comfort zone. Originally, I wanted to shoot for 1400 miles but for some reason 1350 doesn't make me as nervous at 1400.

I have other personal goals for the year that include my guitar, my weight and volunteering but those don't relate to the topic at hand: Athleticism. 


I received bad news on the shoe front. I talked with the gentleman who told me he would try and find my shoes. Well, he found them but told me he wouldn't sell them to me as they were no longer good and have been sitting around for too long. So, I guess I am going to go and buy a new model of shoe this week so I can begin to try them out and put them in my shoe rotation. 

Thank you for reading the novel this week! I hope you enjoyed the random updates!!!


  1. Great update, Sarah! I am excited to follow along as you train for your goals. So happy to hear that Dukie is recovering. Dogs really are the best. It's too bad the shoes didn't work out... but you know, there a lot of great shoes out there. It takes a while to find the right one, but you will. Hey, isn't that what people say about men? :) Great post!

    1. Oh Deena! You crack me up!!! Yes that is what they say about men :)

  2. Great update! I'm excited to follow your progress on your goals.

    Major bummer on the shoes!!!

  3. I'm inspired!You inspire me to keep up the the effort to just walk! I'm still positive about the future....biking and 5K's in the summer....your mother's goals!