Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fall Back Weeks

I can be colorful with my language from time to time; I'm going to keep this one clean though.

If I knew my audience wouldn't be offended I would use my favorite phrase, right here, to explain what fall back weeks do to my mind... I should tell you that it is similar to how I felt while tapering for prior events. Some words I've used to express my feelings about fall back weeks include slothful, lazy, terrified, anxious and the list goes on.

This fall back week is no exception; but there were good outcomes too...

Here's the thing. The experts tell me that fall back weeks are essential to recovery and healing while training for any endurance event. OK, so I'm trying to trust the process. I think I have some trust issues though. I like racking up my miles, especially because I'm shooting for 1350 miles in 2012. I don't know how a fall back week is going to help my mileage goal!!!

Right now I have to consider what is more important. Is it more important that I run 1350 miles in one year or accomplish my event goals? Thirteen fifty miles is equivalent to running to and from work one hundred twelve times, my parents house approximately two times or to visit my brother once!

So what is really my point here?

I guess it was a good week for a fall back since I had to go to the Vet with Dukie five times for re-bandaging and a wound check. I was also blessed with a visit from my sister and her kiddos and was able to limit my running so I could maximize my time with them.

I also have to say that a fall back week, although hard on the mind, was great for teaching me a lesson on patience. It helped me reflect on the importance of my non-running life and the need to nurture that as well!

Here's to an eighteen, or so, mile week, good times with new friends and genuine smiles!!!


  1. I hate fallback weeks too! I hope we can get some mileage in together again this week!

  2. Luckily, my fallback week hit when I had to back off for my knee, or I would've had the same feeling! I won't be offended by whatever language you want to use. :)

  3. Sarah, What you've done in the past year is more than most people do in a lifetime. Fallback weeks are in every part of life. Some are meant to be there to catch other things that have fallen through the crack. Good work!

  4. Yes, you need the fall back weeks to accomplish your goal. Remember that recovery is as important to building strength and endurance and speed as is tearing up those muscles when you do your workouts. Like you, I have a mental struggle when my mileage is lower than I think it should be, but you must remind yourself that you are improving your fitness and decreasing the likelihood of burnout or overtraining by having a rest week. Take advantage of the extra time to do other things that are important to you and know that those miles are waiting for you to run them next week!