Sunday, February 26, 2012


I am one of the most forgiving/loyal people you will ever find (at least I think so). There are only two instances that I can think of in life that have made me think twice about welcoming someone back in to my world. Both of those instances are from my high school or early college days so I like to think they don't count. I mean I was young and burned pretty badly in both situations. Through life I have been seriously hurt with the best of them. Some of the pain has come from being cut off by people I care about, stood up by friends/dates (ask me about my junior dance sometime, it is quite the story), stolen from and the list goes on. I have lost people that I have cared for and I have also loved without abandon; I have lived!!!

Over the past couple of months I have been challenged in ways I never imagined. I have slogged through sadness, frustration, confusion... If you have spent any time with me, though, you know that I have maintained a good attitude while cherishing what life has had to offer. I truly find the positive in difficult situations, but that hasn't come without some work. Most of that 'work' has been while logging miles on the trails...

You see, running is a metaphor for life. There are days you head out to run, not wanting to and have the best run of your life. Other days you might be longing for the run and find it to be the most challenging run you have had. Then you have the surprise run that includes unintended miles, a new course or finding a new friend along the way. If you are a runner, you understand what I am talking about. You never know what to expect when you go out for a run, but for me, no matter how challenging the run, I eventually find peace.

Similarly, in life, you never know what is around the next bend but you move forward and take what life has to throw at you. You have a choice when you encounter any situation, as you do with a run, you either wallow in the challenge or embrace it knowing that it is there to teach you something about yourself. You get to choose whether you will persevere or stand at the bend stubbornly waiting for life to resolve itself. I like to think that I persevere...

I have always dreamed that, in life, I would find something that would match the loyalty I extend to people who enter my life; never did I think it would be an activity that would prove to be that loyal companion I so deserve. Whenever I face something so challenging that I don't know whether to laugh or cry I find myself putting on my shoes to run through the emotions knowing peace would be there in the end. One of my favorite bloggers used the word panacea to describe what running is for her; the word I would use is loyal!

Here is a quick video: Runner's Creed - The Road to Peace

And of course a picture of my pup, the most loyal companion a person can find:


  1. This is wonderful, Sarah... you captured exactly how I feel about running- it really is my first love, and it's been by my side ever since. Sounds like you and I have been dealing with our share of challenges lately. Hang in there and use that running for its true healing powers. And thanks for the shout-out! :) I love the picture of your pup- he's so happy and full of life! Big hug!

  2. Beautiful post. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Great post Sarah. I hope your months ahead feel better than these previous ones. Know I am here and rooting for you.