Sunday, March 18, 2012

Naming It!

I know everyone will relate to this in some fashion...

Have you ever had a crush or really liked someone but didn't know what to do about it? You know what I am talking about; it is that giddy feeling or the butterflies in your stomach that make you feel more alive when you are thinking about the person or around the person? I know you have.

Or better yet, have you ever been on a date and you really wanted the other person to give you a hug or a kiss but they didn't? Have you ever walked away wondering why you didn't make the first move? I'm sure everyone has had this experience. I know I have. As a matter of fact there was one instance some time ago where I went on a date and at the end we were standing in the parking lot and we were both awkward and we both took the time to name it. What do I mean by naming it? Well he told me that he was always awkward at the end of dates, I then told him that it was OK because I felt just as awkward as he did. Side note: As a matter of fact earlier in the day I told my colleague that I was going on a date with this guy and was kind of excited, she made me practice hugging her in her office so I would hug him that night. That isn't even the best part of the story... The best part of the story is that I straight up told the guy that I am so bad at the dating thing that I practiced hugging my colleague in her office that day so I could have the courage to hug him on our date. Seriously??? What was I thinking! I followed it up with outstretched arms while basically saying let's try it. This is only one of MANY Sarah stories or Sarahisms (as some of my friends like to call them) that I have tucked into my back pocket.

I actually hold this story very close to me as it was a special moment for many reasons. It illustrates extreme vulnerability/courage/strength to simply name what you are thinking and feeling while understanding the outcome might not be what you expected. Oh, but did I mention I got the hug? It was a very endearing moment that I'm sure will be remembered for a long time...

Every day I wake up and look in the mirror and name it. I always say to myself that this is going to be an extraordinary day. Whether it turns out that way, or not, is an entirely different story, but at least I name what I want to come from the day.

With that all being said, I have discovered another thing that I love about my athleticism and I'm going to name it right here, right now. What do I love about putting on my shoes and going for a run? Or putting on my swimming suit and heading to the gym? It makes me feel strong, secure, healthy and confident. It makes me face life head on. It all makes me feel young. Seriously, I love that I feel like a kid when I am running, I love that I have friends surrounding me who have the same desires as me whether it is finishing a 5k, half marathon, marathon, triathlon, century ride... I love that it doesn't always have to be taken seriously. I mean, look at these pictures of me from a race last weekend!
Me and Laurie post run!

Laurie, Me and Judi, Yes I wore THAT!
I have also discovered that my athleticism has given me the ability to 'name it' more often. For instance I have named some of my biggest personal flaws (my scatter brained nature, my laziness as it is related to cleaning my house, my fear of failure and rejection) because I get to confront all of these demons (I hate that word because they really don't haunt me and it is too dramatic) every time I challenge my body/mind.

Being an athlete makes me feel like I can conquer the world!!!

Yesterday I went out for an eight mile run with some of my favorite people and as we were running I went through almost every state of mind. I probably said to my friends that the run sucked, the hills were hard, the heat was killing me. I also know I said that it was a great run, it felt fantastic and I felt accomplished. How is it possible that I could have experienced all of that in a one hour and thirty minute jaunt through Westerville, Ohio? I have no clue but I know that by naming it for myself I was present the entire time. The sense of accomplishment I felt at the end of that run as my body was steaming and caked with salt was amazing. It made me feel young, so much so I celebrated with Boone's Farm and very dear friends last night!

Now if only I could find the courage for...

Here is the 'anthem' that was played way too many times last night:


  1. You are so funny! At least you own it - that's the most important thing!! I love those pictures of us. We look drunk without having a drink!

    1. Oh, yes! We are a good looking crew, the two of us! I'm sure there are many more of those photos in our future :)

  2. Great post! I particularly love your intro story. ;)

  3. I love this! I love your honesty and openness. I recently "named it" with an old (meaning we've known each other for a long time, not that he's wrinkly) friend who I've become pretty close with lately and he's coming to visit me next weekend. I love your attitude and energy for life, Sarah!

    1. I love it! If only I could muster some of that courage!!! More about that some other time though :)