Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who Cares About Running...


Well, not really, but I didn't kill myself when I swapped out the electrical cord on my dryer!!!

The electrical cord project made me reflect on my early running days. I remember a conversation from many many years ago that included me telling my sister why I was embarrassed to run. At the time, I lived in Boulder, CO and if there is anything to know about Boulder it is that a bunch of super athletes make a living there by coaching the greater population, who all seem to be aspiring super athletes! These are the people who go for ten hour runs or go out for century rides just for fun. I told my sister and her friend Beth that I was embarrassed because I had to stop often and I was SURE people were staring at me when I was running. My sister and her friend told me I was crazy and that more often than not, people were just happy to share the trail with a new runner and were even impressed with my willingness to get out there. Let's just say I has some physical conditions that made running, hmm..., excruciating at the time.

I have learned something very valuable over the years; when you think others are judging you, it is most likely because you are judging others. Think about it... Have you ever been scared of going to the gym because you thought everyone was looking at you? I have, and the reality is most people aren't looking at everyone else in the gym, you are... Just so you know I am oversimplifying right now because I could probably write a book on this subject. Basically, I feel like people are judging me most, when I am judging others.

So, what does all of this stuff have in common? I bet you thought I would never get back to it...

Well, I have been talking about this electrical cord situation for probably about two months. I was using my old dryer, until my sister helped me move it out of the laundry room a week or so ago. All this time, and immediately after having conversations about this cord situation I would find myself in the laundry room inspecting the old cord, the new cord, the outlet. I would unscrew some screws, watch a youtube video, screw the screws back in, research electrocution, talk to my friends, talk to every person at every ACE hardware around town, call my dad, talk to Dukie, unscrew some different screws, watch more you tube videos and on and on and on. Even typing that was exhausting. Many people close to me have heard the dryer saga. Bought a new dryer and have an old electrical outlet. What to do...

I had enough today and walked into the laundry room with confidence. I went with all the tools needed to tackle this project. After standing around, adjusting, studying the cords I dove right in and swapped out the cord. What I did today was EXACTLY what I would have done the first time I wanted to tackle the project over a month ago. Why didn't I do it then??? I was afraid; legitimately afraid that I could potentially electrocute myself, afraid that I would break the dryer I just bought, afraid of what I might look like if I eventually had to get some help.

Ten/twelve years ago I started to dabble in running but it didn't stick until last year. Why you may ask? Perhaps because I was scared of failure, what people thought, etc... I bet I would have started loving running earlier in life had I walked into it with more confidence and embraced it like it was my own.

There is a lesson in all of this, I procrastinate and take minimal risks because of fear. I could have 12 or more marathons under my belt had I started running years ago, but I didn't... I could have had a brand new, working dryer for the last month if only I had swapped out the cord, but I didn't...

I'm sure there are many more 'but I didn'ts' in my life (just to be clear they are NOT regrets, rather, just acknowledgement that I took a different path) and I am determined that each 'but I didn't' in the future is with good reason. This is me acknowledging that risks have great rewards! Take those risks so you don't have to say 'bud I didn't.' Seriously? What is the worst thing that could happen? The girl or guy you want to go out with might say no? He/she might say yes! You may not finish the 5k? But you just might finish it! Try it out, see what happens because you might get so say you accomplished something because 'I DID!'

Here are some pics that were taken because I decided to take the risk! I need to take more risks.

Bike the Drive: 30 mile ride on Lake Shore Drive, Chicago!

Just finished my first half marathon 2010.

Second half marathon 2012.
Attempting Vail Pass 2011. 
Finishing my first full marathon 2011.

 Thank you for reading my ramblings!!!


  1. I love reading your posts! You surely have a great way of looking at life, and looking at the bigger pictures!!! Congrats on what you accomplished!

  2. That was awesome and you are awesome! I'd have been afraid to attack that cord too! You did a great job!

  3. Cool! Spot on! I try to learn something new every now and then!