Monday, May 21, 2012

Love what YOU Love

I just couldn't wait a week to write and share this post, so I guess you can call it a bonus post, or a random rambling about love? I don't know what prompted this post other than the spirit moved me. Perhaps you will find the point, or you can chalk it up to more strange Sarahisms...

A picture of someone I love dearly!
I very much admire people who know exactly what they want out of life and then go for it. As you already know I love running. I don't need a reason to run, I just do it because I can. I remember an old friend asked me if I would consider doing planks if it was the only thing that allowed me to continue running. My immediate response was no! My tune has changed, I would do anything to make sure I could continue running even if it was the worst homework assignment ever. Why you ask? Because I love it!!!

I was recently talking with one of my friends about relationships and the necessity of not settling. I was telling her that crushes are just crushes unless the other person reciprocates. In other words they are one person being more excited about the other person; it is fun, but if the feelings are never reciprocated that crush gets old and you move on. I feel as though it is the same with any activity in your life.

There is a point in which we have to reassess our situation and determine if what we have a crush on is true love, or just a crush. I realize I am again comparing running to relationships; some of you may be rolling your eyes but stick with me here. I do have a point! I may have to loop around a few times before I get back to that point but I hope it is worth it...

So, I am always encouraging people to start running, primarily because I want to share the love, I want people to feel what I feel when I get home or cross the finish line of another event. While I was injured I spent a lot of time riding my bike, swimming and baking pies. While I truly enjoyed all of those activities, none of them matched up to running for me. You know what? That is OK. I would hate for someone to continue holding onto an activity because they want to feel something that is unattainable from that activity. For instance, I have a friend who recently ran a half marathon. She did a fantastic job, but at the end of the day she really didn't love the experience. She loves running, just not 13.1 miles, so she is not going to do it anymore.

There are times we participate in activities because of exterior factors. In essence we are doing it for the wrong reason and we never feel self actualized when participating in that activity. Take my pie baking, for instance. While I truly enjoy baking pies, I more appreciated the smiles on peoples faces when I shared those pies. Do I need to bake a pie to get those smiles? Probably not. Will I continue baking pies now that I can run again? Probably, but for different reasons. Will I do it with as much gusto as I did the first week I was injured? I can confidently say definitely not.

On another point, I was talking with someone recently about my value system. I was talking about my disinterest in talking about religion or politics with people because they are such passionate subjects and I would hate to form an opinion about someone simply because of their political views. When you have something you are passionate about, it is natural to want the people you value most to have similar beliefs and values as you; however, you know an unconditional friend when they don't judge you or make you feel badly even though they disagree with you. Similarly, when you are participating in an activity and you are not feeling as though you have an unconditional appreciation for it, perhaps it is time to drop that activity.

My point in all of this is we all have to decide if what we are doing is right for us. Would you marry someone you think you are in love with? I would hope not, so why continue torturing your mind, body and soul with an activity you don't love. Don't love something because you feel like you should or someone told you it is the right thing to do, simply love what YOU love, not what others want you to love. It should be simple, and if the feelings are unconditional even the homework isn't so bad.

Side note: A few years ago, while my friend Jenny was visiting me (she is coming again this weekend, YIPPEE) I announced to her that I figured out how I will know I am in love. If you want to know about this, you should ask. I can guarantee you will either laugh your pants off or pull your pants up. 


  1. Okay... I'll bite ... How do you know you're in love?

  2. Oh my gosh! How did I miss this? Now we have another thing to discuss this week!