Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hugs are Underrated

My regular readers know what can happen when I am at a loss for words on my blog... I decide I am a poet; the quality of my poetry is arguable... Here's one for you that I am calling Hugs are Underrated.

Here I sit with little to say
Utterly surprising to many but hey
Great times have been had over the last two weeks
So summing it up means I'd have to pick peeks

A trip to Chicago to eat turkey and treats
Real friend and family time, nothing beats, and
Even some time spent with athletes

Utter chaos at the casino celebrating with friends
Never a dull moment for all who attends
Depending the moment over the last 15 days
Everyone had a role in my life that they play
Runners included, who gave me some hugs
Remembering that our friendships don't end with shrugs
Amazingly for me, I ran many miles
Today I sit back and enjoy with smiles
Everyone who hugged me decreased my need for yawning; so I'll continue
Dance like no one is watching

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