Monday, December 10, 2012


Awesomely fashionable!
I have come to realize a number of things this past year that I have probably blogged about before, but a reminder is always nice. The most important thing? Don't take life too seriously...

I go in waves with technology. My use of social media ebbs and flows based on my mood and I have gotten to the point that running without my Garmin is totally worthless, or is it?

It is the Christmas season and quite frankly, I am not much of a Christmas person. The shopping is overwhelming, and people always seem to be cranky. Why?

I went to work today with all the wrong clothes for a very cold run. While analyzing the clothes a few minutes before the run, I realized I simply wanted to have fun...

Over the last few weeks I have found myself accidentally garminless. In some cases it was because I forgot to charge the darn thing, in others it was because I left my garmin at a restaurant and didn't have the energy to go and pick it up at my friend's house. While running those miles without the garmin I remembered what running was like when it was simply done for the sake of running and not because I needed to log a certain number of miles at a certain pace. I ran because I wanted to, that is all.

Some people come into your life to remind you of things. I have this optimism that does not waver. Sure I have my moments in the doldrums but I have this zest for life that was brought into my life with my athleticism and for that I am thankful! Talking with one of my friends recently I remembered that I make the choice to get out of bed on the right side. Think about that for a minute...

So today as I was singing "All I want for Christmas is You" (yes I was actually singing Christmas music at work today) I realized the Christmas season is what you make of it. Christmas is up in my house. The tree is up, the wreath is hung, Santa is sitting in front of my fire place, and darn it I like it! I decided Christmas is going to be fun whether other people decide to join my bandwagon or not.

As I was preparing for my run today (in other words getting dressed) I carefully pulled on my calf sleeves, shorts (did I mention it was snowing when we went out?) shirt and shoes (notice I didn't say socks) I made the choice that this run was going to be fun (regardless of how my body was reacting to my awesome overly fun Sunday night)!!! I told Jen I forgot socks and she came to the rescue with cotton tube socks she had in her drawer, I was realizing that I had a perfectly good turtle neck sweater that hadn't lived up to the sweat part of its name. I threw caution to the wind and decided that I would run in the tube socks and sweater. I also decided that I was not going to fuss with my garmin but instead enjoy the snowflakes, one of my closest friend's company and my big warm comfy sweater! Today I remembered the Joy!


  1. The joy! That is one of the most important things! I am glad you had one of these runs! I got one last week and it was revitalizing. Although mine was better prepared clothing-wise!

  2. That is absolutely AWESOME. Best running photo EVER.

  3. I love that you stuck with your run even without the "proper" clothes! I have learned that sometimes the best runs are the ones when we are seemingly least prepared. Happy holidays, Sarah! :)