Sunday, January 27, 2013

No Excuse is Good Enough

Damn it was cold!
I woke up Saturday morning with little interest in meeting my group for a run. It was so bad that I thought of texting Sue to let her know that I wouldn't be there and I started of thinking of all the excuses I could use to cancel. The included the following:

  • I'm tired! Although very true because I got only five hours of sleep, it is a totally lame excuse.
  • It's cold outside. Well this is not an excuse because I LOVE running in the cold and my running buddies know this.
  • I don't feel good. This was true too but it was self inflicted. I know better than to have a draft beer at a grungy concert venue but I did it anyway the night before. Just two beers gave me a hangover.
  • I have a cold. This would have been a flat out lie and I get annoyed when people tell me lies regarding anything. People can see through this stuff and then you become the unreliable running buddy. Forget that.
So what did I do? I crawled out of bed. Took Dukie out, gave him his medicine, sat on the floor with him for 10 minutes and finally put on my clothes. I got in my car and let it warm up for a little bit and begrudgingly drove to the high school. I found Sue sitting on a bench and I sat down next to her and told her I was planning on cancelling. She was trying to think of an excuse to cancel to. But you see we committed to training for this half marathon together and neither of us could come up with a good enough excuse that the other wouldn't have thought totally lame so there we sat getting ready to go out for our run.

We decided we were going to take it slow and stick with the group the entire time. Within a quarter mile we knew this wasn't going to be an ordinary run. The hills, oh the hills... Did I mention the slushy snow that was also bordering the streets we were running on? Oh yeah, that added to the challenge too... 

But we did it!

This is how I felt going up some of the hills. 
We ran up and down hills through a neighborhood that challenged us to the core. The pace leader likes hills so every time we started going up a hill, our pace quickened. And it seemed as though we went uphill a heck of a lot more than going down hill. 

After twisting and turning through the neighborhood we were back at the school. And you know what happened? We exchanged comments on how that was a good run and we were glad we did it. I also mentioned to someone how I am never disappointed that I made it out for a run.

Moral to this story? No excuse is good enough to cancel. 


  1. Way to tackle those hills! Great to see you running and healthy.

  2. What a fantastic post! I love those types of runs.

  3. You are awesome. But you already know that!

  4. "I also mentioned to someone how I am never disappointed that I made it out for a run." This sums up so exactly how I feel about exercise! I have been feeling lazy this week and every night after work I try to worm out of exercising. But I do it anyway, and I'm always--ALWAYS--glad that I did. I need to make that my mantra and remind myself of that often.