Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting Back on Track!

It has been a couple of weeks since I've blogged and what a couple of challenging weeks it has been. If you happen to follow my blog, you know that I have recently been sick. I have been trying to lay low so as to make sure I am healthy enough to resume training and stay healthy. With that said I ran two races over the last two weeks that have surprised the heck out of me.

Running O' the Green

This particular race was a 5 miler in my home town. I ran it because my sister and her husband were running and I happened to be in town for my brother's wedding shower. When I woke up that morning I really had no interest in going out to run the race. It was pouring and I wasn't registered yet so I figured I would stay in bed but the rain stopped. Well it stopped long enough for me to get dressed, drive to the race and register. And then came the rain again. The race started about 15 minutes late and I decided to try and keep up with the woman running with the stroller. I held pace with her for two and a half miles and realized I had a little more in me so I kicked up the pace for the last two and a half miles.

There was this group of runners from a fire department running who were clipping at a little faster pace so I decided to try and stick with them. I was successful, actually so much so that one of the guys couldn't stand the fact that I was faster than him so he would speed up to pass me and then get in front of me and slow down. At about a mile until the finish I told him that I realized he really didn't want me to get in front of him so I said let's just race it until the end and so race we did. I kept in front of him for almost the remainder of the race until he flew past me in the last few feet to the finish line. All in all it was a good race and PR. Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 12:04
Mile 2: 11:52
Mile 3: 11:49
Mile 4: 11:47
Mile 5: 10:47

For an overall pace of 11:40! Not to shabby...

Kinsale 4 Miler

Last night I went to run a 4 miler with my friends Laurie and Sue. Sue and I have been training for a half marathon together so this was a good opportunity for us to begin practicing our strategy for the half marathon. Well we both forgot our race plan (next time it gets written on my arm) and just started running. I started talking about how morning runs are better for me but not quite sure why. This race started at 6:00 in the evening and it just didn't feel as nice as the five miler just one week before. Even still we were doing pretty well.

We ran the first half of the race feeling pretty good but also feeling a little pathetic because we were not pacing to finish even close to our finish times from the previous year so I decided to kick it up a notch. We met a person along the way who is typically a 9 minute miler but struggling with shit splints. She decided to finish the race with us. It was important to finish this race with my training partner, and that we did! Again, another race with negative splits.

Mile 1: 12:12
Mile 2: 12:05
Mile 3: 11:35
Mile 4: 11:11

Average Pace was 11:45!!!

Again, not a bad performance and a very nice race with a great finish time. There is nothing better than crossing the finish line with a friend.

So with both of those accomplishments in my back pocket and health on my side I am ready to get back to my training for the half iron distance triathlon. Rather than look back and beat myself up for the training I have missed I am going to congratulate myself for taking care of myself, getting healthy and am looking forward to the rewards training has to offer me.

I also am looking forward to and appreciate the kind words to come or that have been offered to me about my goals. Thanks to my friends and family for encouraging me along the way!


  1. Way to go with your races!!! Great job!

  2. Fantastic races!!! Many kudos to you for focusing on getting healthy!

    Is in wrong that I got an awesome chuckle about the shin splints=shit splints?