Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Bike Ride that Wasn't

My friend Laurie and I met up this morning to take a nice bike ride on the O Trail. We met in the parking lot  and headed out talking about the possibility of an hour bike ride together with a plan for me to continue on for another half an hour or so. We headed south on what seemed to be a very quiet trail. It was so nice to be on the trail with Laurie since we don't often get to work out together anymore. 

Picture of me prior to my first Oly distance Tri!
As we were riding and chatting about life I was feeling pretty good! We were 5 miles into the ride and then we rode over one of the wooden bridges on the trail. My bike started riding oddly and I looked down and was greeted with a flat front tire. This was not bad news at all because I am fairly efficient at changing my tire (typically only takes me a few minutes)  and between the two of us we had all the necessary equipment to make the quick change.

I got the tire off, pulled out my tire lever and promptly broke the lever. That should have been a sign! I then asked Laurie if she had a lever because if you have ever tried changing a tire without one, you will know a 5 minute task can quickly turn into a 25 minute task if you are lucky. Laurie had a lever and I quickly got my tire off the rim and the new tube inserted. I got the tire on the rim and pulled out the bike pump. I pumped up the tire a little bit and noticed a mistake so I had to take the tire off the rim again. I should mention in the very beginning of this fiasco I dropped Laurie's bike pump in the grass; it wasn't a drop that should have broken the bike pump. Anyway, after removing the piece on the stem I placed the tube back on the rim and went to use the bike pump and it basically came apart in pieces right in my hand. 

This is how I felt when the bike pump didn't work!
What to do now!!! I had a tire that was flat, a broken bike pump and we were five miles from our cars! Laurie started digging and came up with a co2 cartridge but did not have the pump that was needed to use the cartridge. At this point we started talking about the closest intersection to our location. It was a trailhead about a mile back. Our plan, Laurie would drive to her car and come and collect me at the trail head. In the meantime I would walk to the trail head with my bike. So onward we went with our plan!

Laurie took off on her bike and I started walking. This is when the trail became a little more active and I learned that my psychology instructor was totally wrong when he told my class that when you are alone and in a lurch and there are very few people around, you are more likely to get help. He was so wrong!!!

As I was walking up the trail with my bike flung over my back I did pass, or was passed, by a number of people. I was shocked because I was passed by one family on their bicycles and I quickly asked them if they had a pump. They answered no, but a pump was definitely attached to one of their bikes. A couple of runner dudes ran passed me and quickly said 'what a bummer' and 'that sucks' to which I responded yes, yes it does. One cyclist rode past me and asked me if I was alright, I said yes and told him I had a flat. He responded with a head nod and stating that he needs to remember to bring a pump with him. 

I think my favorite though were all the people I encountered on the trail who looked at me, and quickly looked away as if them looking at the ground would make them totally disappear and I wouldn't see them! Oh, and those cyclists who carry everything with them but are too focused on getting their workout in that they didn't even acknowledge me as they sped down the trail.

I am now committing myself to stopping when I see a cyclist stranded or walking with their bicycle over their shoulder down the trail!

The day wasn't a total bust though. After a 1.25 mile walk to the parking lot in my bike shoes, I threw my bike into Laurie's car and she drove me back to my car. I then went on to her house, took a shower and enjoyed some awesome food and SUPER DESERTS to celebrate Easter! I guess that means the day didn't end so badly, just not how I planned my day. Now to readjust my workout schedule to accommodate the bike ride that wasn't!

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  1. That totally stinks that no one would stop and help out!