Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Furlough Five

It is no secret, for those who know me, that I have been furloughed for the last few of weeks. There was nothing I could do about the situation other than watch the news so rather than sit around contemplating the furlough I turned it into a time to get stuff done.

The list of activities includes:
  • 5 Doctor appointments
  • Several runs
  • 2 Illinois State Parks
  • 2 Bushels of apples = 12 jars blueberry applesauce, 5 quarts apple pie filling, a few dozen jars applesauce
  • 14 hours of volunteering for the Chicago Marathon
  • 2 Shopping trips for work clothes (anticipating a return to that place)
  • Washed floors
  • New vent covers
  • 9 Hats made
  • The start of an afghan
  • A 7 year old's swim meet
  • Visit to a store that has a tag line: It's not just a store, it's an adventure
  • Hanging out with my buddy from DC
  • A ton of TV (next time this happens, I really hope it isn't premier week again...)
  • Two bike rides
  • A trip to the dump
  • Two days of being sick
  • Won 160 dollars
  • Some quality time with my friends here and my family in Chicago
To say I was busy is an understatement. I am now back to work feeling somewhat refreshed and trying to get back into the swing of a routine and thought it was appropriate to reflect. So what is the culmination of all that activity? Several pounds gained which I am going to affectionately call the FURLOUGH FIVE!!! Perhaps it was all the applesauce. 

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