Sunday, October 6, 2013

Where's the Nutmeg?

When at a loss for what to blog about, a story presents itself...

I am going to start taking pictures of the ice cream treats I indulge in on Sundays. I mean I chronicle the rest of my athletic life so why not also chronicle the treats I get to eat because of the exercise I do?

No seriously, one of my favorite days of the week is Sunday. I wake up, lay in bed until 8:00 (of course after Dukie goes out), I go for a bike ride, eat some weird lunch and then get ice cream. That basically sums up most of my Sundays. 

Today was no different, I headed over to my friend's house to pick her up for our weekly bike ride and noticed I had a flat tire on my bike. We drove to the trail head, changed my tube and off we went for one of the most beautiful rides we have gone on (in my opinion). When we got to the turn around point, I noticed I had a flat again. I think these tires have a conspiracy against me!!!!!! Anyway, changed the tube again and quickly realized that the rest of this bike ride was NOT going to happen.

We had a few choices at this point:

1) One of us rides back to the car and pick up the other.
2) Try and buy another tube off of a cyclist in the parking lot.
3) Walk back to the car? (This one was NOT my idea...)

Well, option one ended up being the ONLY option as far as I was concerned, so...

I hopped on my friend's bike, with my clip in shoes for my bike and began riding the 14 miles back to the car. I rode uphill, straight into the wind, with my feet slipping off the pedals the entire way. To say I was a spectacle is an understatement, but it didn't end there.

Some nice ladies in the parking lot gave me directions to get to the parking lot where Sue was patiently waiting for me to pick her up...

Here is where the spectacle continues? We saw a gas station that had gas for $3.07 and I HAD to stop even though I just filled up a few days ago. I promptly got out of my car and threw my wallet into the garbage can at the gas station. I was trying to throw away my paper towel... There were bees, lots of bees and I had to dig into the garbage can dodging the bees so as not to get stung to death. Again, spectacle!!!

We then went to lunch at this little Mexican joint in Granville and ordered up some Gringo Tacos. And again, we were attacked by the killer bees. I was told that the image of my attempt to dodge the bees was hilarious. I'm so glad there are not pictures. Have I mentioned I am terrified of bees and they were EVERYWHERE today!!! We switched tables and ate in peace from the bees, until one decided to get a taste of my lunch. Seriously, I must be that sweet. 

Anyway, I decided because of the stress caused by looking foolish all day, I was especially deserving of my pumpkin pie blizzard from Dairy Queen that was sadly missing the nutmeg!!!