Sunday, February 2, 2014

Controlling the Crankies

I've had quite the couple of weeks, don't want to say they have been bad, because they haven't, they have just been...

I found myself exceptionally cranky yesterday. Things that typically don't bother me, lines at the grocery store or my neighbor parking outside of the parking lines or the mess in my house, annoyed the crap out of me. I walked around with my grumpy face, while not being very nice to anyone. Short answers are all that came out of me when anyone texted or called. It is funny, because my mom often hangs up with me when I am short, it is like she knows the fuse on my internal grenade is slowly shortening. Smart woman I say...

I could say that certain events over the past couple of weeks created my mood yesterday, but that wouldn't be fair. After all, we all have control over our reactions to things, even if we lose that control from time to time; so to blame my frustrations on other people, would be to say I lost control.

Anyway, the secret has been out for a couple of weeks, I've been 'trying' yoga. The imbalances of your life are reflected on the yoga mat, so they say. Not sure I believe that, but if you were a fly in the room, watching me fall off balance when in mountain pose, you might question my inner balance. Well, since yoga has been more frustrating to me than anything, and someone highly recommended restorative yoga, I found myself trying it out on Friday night. I'm almost scared to talk about the experiences because it was probably exactly what I needed to round out my week, even if it just confirmed for me that yoga instructors are their own breed. I'm scared to talk about it because I want it to be my little secret (ok so one that I share with my yoga partner in crime).

After ONE restorative yoga class, I can tell you I learned more about how to destress than I learned in four weeks of my beginner class. Yesterday, as I was downward spiraling in cranky land, I found myself focusing on my breath (and here I thought the instructors were all nuts), and then I found myself laying with my feet up a wall. I did that more because my legs hurt from my run in the morning, but damn did it feel good. Every time I thought of the narrative used by the instructor on Friday night to explain the benefits of this pose, I belly laughed, and slowly the cranky began to lift.

I certainly wasn't in my favorite place mentally when I went to bed, probably because my annoyance over some events were still on the mind AND Dukie decided to sleep diagonally in my bed, which left me a mere corner to curl up in a ball (role reversal at its best), but I can honestly say a moment of taking care of myself through one little yoga pose allowed me to begin taking control of the crankies.

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